The Offseason is Just as Stressful

Thursday, June 29, 2006
In fact, almost worse than the playoffs. KLowe has a lot of work to do in the next few days/weeks. Still no resolution to the Pronger situation, and a number of UFA's on the Oilers roster (for now...) still haven't been signed, including Roli, Laraques, and Pisani. We all know that Peca won't be hanging around - that was pretty evident when he came here. No biggie, I wasn't really fond of him anyways. However it looks like Laraques will probably NOT be an Oiler next year and the city is going to go ape-shit about that (maybe it'll get them all to stop talking about the Prongers...). Sure, Laraques is not the best hockey player in the world but he LOVES it here. He wants to play his entire career here if he could. The city of Edmonton LOVES big GG. He does so much for this city it's incredible. He shows up to charity events not because he has to or the Oilers tell him to, he does it because he loves doing it. He's our adopted son and neither side wants to let go. If he goes anywhere (god forbid) I hope he goes to least he'll be near family. Sure they can get another player to replace him on the ice but what about the heart and soul that is the Rock? He's irreplacable and there will be a hole in the in Edmonton's collective heart if/when he leaves.

As for Dwayne Roloson, there was a brief comment in the Minnesota Star Tribune that brought a lump to my throat and butterflies to my stomach...

Former Wild goalie Dwayne Roloson, who had a big playoffs for the Edmonton Oilers until he sprained a ligament in his right knee in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, recently was in the Twin Cities to hold a goalie camp along with Wild goalie coach Bob Mason. He told friends he doesn't believe he will sign as a free agent with the Oilers. Roloson's knee has been healing well.

Two words - OH CRAP. I hope it's not true. I was so worried about this that I fired off an email to our dear "Roli the Goalie" (I won't tell you where I got the address) to him during my lunch hour. Not that I'm expecting a response but I wanted to let him know how much Edmonton loves him (and NO, I didn't go all "stalker" on him).
Pisani will surely sign with the Oilers, I just wish he'd get it over with!


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