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Friday, June 30, 2006
I’ve come to realize that my life has currently been hijacked by all things hockey. I am not afraid of this fact – I have come to accept it. I am turning into one of “those” people. However, it’s been a long time coming – I love watching sports (live or on television). One of the offices at my work has a tv with cable (sweeeet) so every once in a while we slip in and catch a few minutes of the world cup games. I have it pretty good here I must admit. Happy news! My mother has tickets to the Canada Day Cracker Cats baseball game. Not sure if I’m really stoked about going but it’ll be fun…just have to find someone to go with. She also has football tix to the July 20th Eskimo’s game against…Winnipeg. Not a big fan of the ‘Peg but it’ll be a good warmup to the October game against Toronto that we want to go and see.

According to, Keith Richards is going to have a cameo in Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Color me super excited! I can’t wait to see Richards and Depp together. I think it’s going to be the best thing of the year in ’07. Futbol update: Argentina-Germany game is tied at 1-1 after regulation play. Going to overtime folks. Color me stressed (go Argentina).

The quarterfinals of the World Cup started today…here are the games and my picks:

Argentina – Germany (EDIT: I lost on this one…)
Italy – Ukraine (I’m ok if Italy wins but I’d REALLY like Ukraine to move on)
England – Portugal
Brazil – France

Yep, I’m going for all the underdogs. I really REALLY don’t want Brazil to win. But in the end's NOT hockey so does it really matter???? Not really. Just as long as it's not Brazil.


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