Beautiful game? Poor sportsmanship...

Sunday, July 09, 2006
Remember how I had previously wrote the following:

I'll be happy whichever team wins.

Well, I was wrong. I had been supremely impressed with the play of Zidane, captain of the French team during the past few games. For a man about to retire and from the sounds of it considered kind of old by soccer standards (early 30s!), he was the driving force behind France's victories so far. Well, now I know why.

During the final, which is currently in the 2nd period of overtime, Zidane was ejected from the game after receiving a red card. Shocking? Yep, especially during the final of the World Cup. Justified? You're damn right. YOu see, an Italian player a few moments before had been holding Zidane from behind and then let him go. The two began walking down the field together, when suddenly, after taking a few steps ahead of the Italian player, Zidane stops, turns around obviously upset and rams his big bald head directly into the chest of the Italian player. It knocked him to the ground, obviously, and he had difficulty getting up. From the size and shape of his head, it must have been like getting punched full force in the rib cage. I didn't seeit happen until the break in play and the commentators showed the replay. I was disgusted. Even the commentators are saying how disgraceful it was.

What happened to this being the Beautiful Game?
UPDATE: It is now going to penalty kicks. Come on Buffon (ITA). Show us what you're made of headband boy!

** UPDATE: ITALY wins the world cup!!!!!!!


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