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Thursday, July 13, 2006
I have no idea what's happening with the Oilers these days. The stuff that I do understand is that we've signed Roli (super duper yay!) and Pisani (super yay), lost Big G, and acquired a bunch of very talented but very young (and for some, non-nhl experienced) players, luckily some of them defensemen. Samsonov signed with Montreal. Now there's all this talk about Lindros coming here to talk with Klowe today???? Oh dear god. Can this be true? It must be, Bryan Hall mentioned it on 630 Ched today and we all know that he's the king of Oilers news. God how I hate that man. Which one, Lindros or Hall? Take your pick, although I'd rather spend an hour with Lindros that have to stare at Hallsy's hair for longer than 5 seconds. I hope it's not true. Can you imagine Lindros becoming an Oiler? I for one certainly can't. Even if we sign him, there's no guarantee he'll play here....everyone remembers when he was signed to Montreal or Quebec or where ever the hell it was and he refused to go back at the beginning of his "illustrious" hockey career. Hasn't this guy had something like a gazillion concussions? Do we really want him to play against Phoenix (The Rock) or Anaheim (Prongs)? That's just asking for trouble. Took a look at the Oilers schedule for this year and was disappointed that we only play Toronto and Montreal once each this year and they're both away games. My poor mother will have to watch her fav's, the Toronto Multiple Laughs, on TV. From the sounds of it, the Coyotes first game here as well as the much awaited November 28th visit from the Ducks (is this the stupidest name ever for a hockey team, ANY team? No wait...that award goes to the MIGHTY Ducks) are going to sell out within an hour or two of tickets going on sale. Hope they televise those ones!

Not much new on the soccer/football/futbol front. Eurocup 2008 starts qualifying rounds next month - and yes, I've made myself a blog for it already! Did you know that someone has already snatched up blogs with the address: worldcup2010.blogspot and worldcup-2010.blogspot, amongst others? That's just crazy. Side note: Yes, I tried to snag the first one for myself but had to settle for karensworldcup2010.blogspot. Sheesh. And yes I'm crazy. Check out the two new blogs HERE and HERE.

Other than that, I feel as though I'm falling apart. My back is bothering me, I've had a number of headaches/migraines already this summer (and its only just begun), and the arthritis in both my feet (yes, I'm ONLY 33...) has been acting up quite a bit. Man, this certainly makes me sound attractive doesn't it? I can just see my personal ad:

SWFWW (single white female with wig), early 30s with old lady feet, crippling migraines, defective ovaries, slightly chubby (see ovaries), GREAT personality, midly cute with girlish giggle. Loves sports, quiet evenings with her cats (only 2...for now!), cheezie poofs, coca cola and pumpkin pie. Seeking....anyone?

Any takers?

Sheesh, I wonder why I'm still single???


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