How can you tell I was bored this weekend?

Monday, July 24, 2006
Bored this weekend, suffering with the 35C heat (40+ with the humidex) in an unairconditioned apartment, I decided to see who shares a birthday with me. Came up with some very, shall we say, interesting results!!!

The following people were born on my birthday (January 12):
1599 – Adrian van Utrecht, Flemish painter
1737 – John Hancock, first to sign US Declaration of Independence
1893 – Hermann Goring, Nazi official
1876 – Jack London, Author (anyone guess another connection I have with him?)
1905 – Tex Ritter,Actor and father of John Ritter
1906 – Henny Youngman, Comedian
1930 – Tim Horton, Canadian hockey player and maker of donuts
1935 – The Amazing Kreskin, Mentalist
1943 – Ray Manzarek, Pianist, the Doors
1944 – Joe Frazier, Heavyweight Champion boxer
1951 – Kirstie Alley, Actress
1951 – Rush Limbaugh, Radio personality
1954 – Howard Stern, Radio host
1966 – Rob Zombie, Musician, artist, writer
1966 – Olivier Martinez, Actor
1974 – Melanie Chisholm, Sporty Spice – Spice Girls

The following people died on my birthday:
1976 – Agatha Christie, Writer
2003 – Maurice Gibb, Singer and songwriter (Bee Gees)

Other interesting stuff happened on my birthday:
1879 – British Zulu war begins
1915 – The US House of Representatives rejected a proposal to give women the right to vote.
1932 – Hattie W Caraway elected US’s first woman senator (D-AR)
1948 – First supermarket in UK opens
1952 – University of Tennessee admits its first black student
1964 – Rebels in Zanzibar begin a revolt known as the Zanzibar Revolution and proclaimed a republic (a national holiday in Tanzania).
1966 – Batman, starring Adam West, premieres on ABC
1967 – Dr James Bedford becomes the first person to be cryonically preserved with intent of future resuscitation
1971 – All in the Family debuts on CBS – featured 1st toilet flush on TV
1979 – Hillside strangler, Kenneth Bianchi, arrested in Bellingham
1981 – DYNASTY premieres on ABC
1991 – US Congress gives George Bush Sr. authority to wage war against Iraq.
1995 – OJ Simspon Murder trial begins in Los Angeles
1997 – HAL becomes operational (2001: A Space Odyssey); this date was given as January 12, 1992 on screen, but 1997 is the date used in both the novel and screenplay
2006 – Turkey releases Mehmet Ali Agca from jail after serving 25 years for shooting Pope John Paul II

So, I'm a Capricorn:

Capricorn (astrology), tenth sign of the zodiac, symbolized by a goat. Astrologers believe that people whose birthdays fall between December 22 and January 19 are born under the sun sign of Capricorn. The planet Saturn rules Capricorn, which is an earth sign.

According to astrologers, Capricorns have responsible, disciplined, practical, methodical, cautious, serious, and sometimes pessimistic natures. Capricorns believe that anything worth having is worth working hard for, and they assign the highest value to things won through the hardest work. Typical Capricorns are aloof and shy, sometimes even awkward, because they stay so focused on responsibility. To them life is serious business, and they sometimes have difficulty relaxing and having fun. Because of this, Capricorns may be lonely.

Astrologers believe that Capricorns respect power, authority, structure, tradition, and old things whose value and durability are tested by time. Capricorns are ambitious, and they typically are not satisfied unless they have reached a level of power and authority. They have a deep need for security, especially financial, and often will work very hard to get rich. Professions traditionally associated with Capricorn include banking; government, big business, and other situations with power hierarchies; mining; farming; and construction.


Wandering Coyote said...

Wow, you've done such a great job with your blog template! I love it! It's so relaxing and easy on the eye...

Heather said...

I like the image at the top - very nice!

Krista said...

Hunh. I have been viewing your blog with Firefox, which usually has problems with CSS/HTML/whatever-it's-called template-y things, so I never really got the so-called Real Deal with your newest template. I'm looking at it in IE now and it truly has a lot more unity.

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