The Reading Quest Continues

Tuesday, July 04, 2006
On one of my old blogs, I had given myself a challenge to read 12 books in 12 months. Well that started in May and it is now the beginning of July (2 months). I've already read 7 books. Well, make that 9 books as there were 2 I hadn't posted before I deleted the blog. I finished the following books (#'s 8 and 9)...

A World Lit Only By Fire
William Manchester
(C) 1993, 336 Pages
Back Bay Books

Pretty good but focused WAY too much on the religious leaders in medieval Europe, with the exception of the final chapter which was devoted to Magellan. I thought the book was about daily life in the Middle Ages...I was mistaken. However, a good read none the less. My verdict would be 6 out of 10.

A Short History of Progress
Ronald Wright
(c) 2004, 208 pages
House of Anansi Press
Part of the Massey Lectures series

Good book, just wish that it was longer. I felt that if it wasn't part of the Massey Lecture series and he was able to "write a book" about the same subject matter it would easily be double the length and encompass a great deal more detail. Very good nonetheless. My verdict - 7 out of 10.


Beth said...

Ok this is a really good goal to set. A book a month. Think I'll try for the same.

Currently reading American Pastoral by Philip Roth. Great book.

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