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Saturday, July 08, 2006
Al Gore recently did an interview in Rolling Stone magazine and talked about the Alberta Oilsands (near Ft. MacMurray). Please note I have not personally read the article, just going with what's been reported on the news. Apparently, Mr. Gore is not happy at all with what's going on up there. Our premier, Ralph Klein, is not happy with Gore's comments. When questioned by reporters here in Edmonton, Mr. Klein said that the US needs our oil and what does Gore expect the world to run on. As I stated in a response to a recent post by GWB, let me about solar power, wind power, hydrogen cells, hybrid/electric cars...perhaps instead of focusing on ALL the money (and it's A LOT) that the oilsands are bringing into the province and worrying if he should give us another round of rebate cheques before he leaves office, Klein should look at the sustainability of the project and the fact that oil is NOT a renewable resource and it's destroying the environment. Not just in northern Alberta but it's secondary effects all over the world (due to burning of fossil fuels).


However, we're not going to have to worry about global warming. I just heard a blip on CNN - a US naval missle destroyer is on it's way to the sea of Japan. Which means that it will be off the coast of .... hmmm .... NORTH KOREA. CNN reports that it is NOT in response to the recent missle tests by NK. Right. Yeah, that's not going to piss them off . Can you say WWIII? Between the US's involvement (which means we're involved) in the middle east/Afghanistan and now his pissing match with the leader of North Korea, I think the world is screwed.



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