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Monday, July 03, 2006
Did anyone see any of the reports on the Prime Minister of Japan's visit to Graceland with George Dubya? Can I just say that I love this guy!!!! But can you imagine Stephen Harper serenaded the press with Love Me Tender??? Not bloody likely.

In World Cup news, I went 2 for 4 in picking the winners of the quarter finals. My correct pics? France (even I was surprised they beat Brazil) and Portugal (thank god Beckham is out - no more shots of his wife Scary...I mean Post Spice. Is it just me or is she looking extremely tanned and emaciated?). Unfortunately Ukraine didn't make it but way to go!!!! Making it to the quarter finals is pretty damn good for their first ever World Cup appearance. I'm going to cheering for Italy over Germany. I would have chosen Italy right away but considering all the problems that came out right before the tournament began... plus how could anyone NOT cheer for Ukraine? Especially here in Alberta. Mmmm, perogies. As for Portuagal vs. France? Whew, I'm a bit torn on that one. France did beat Brazil, but Portugal beat Beckham...I mean England. Hmmm, can't do it, can't pick a winner there. However, I'm predicting that whoever wins the France/Portugal game will go on to beat the winner of the Italy/Germany semi-final.

No new Oiler news although I'm hoping that there's an announcement about the potential Pronger trade today. He's supposed to be doing a pressconference/call tomorrow which is Independence day in the USA so I'm doubting there will be much happening hockeywise then. If nothing today then you can be guaranteed there's going to be a lot of action in the NHL on Wednesday once both the Canadian and American long weekends are over.

Commodore got resigned to the 'Canes for another two years and Doug Weight is back to St. Louis to finish his career...oh well. Not much that I can do about it. It's a shame that he won't wear the Copper and Blue anymore. However, 2 years from now maybe Mike will be coming home.

I'm supposed to be eligible to receive some back pay from the University when I worked there last year. Not sure how much it's supposed to be or when I should expect it but guaranteed I've already estimated an amount in my head and how it's going to be spent. And yes, just to make my mother happy, I'll use a huge part of it to help pay off my loan. Sheesh. However, I do have to save enough for the curling lessons/league fees, a couple of Oiler games and some clothes. Watch, it'll turn out to only be a hundred bucks or so and all my plans will be shot to hell!! Ha ha ha, life sucks that way doesn't it?

Finally fulfulled my playoff debt to GWB. Sent him a whopping $10 USD gift certifcate today as payment for the 'Canes winning the Stanley Cup (as opposed to saying the Oilers LOST). Beware buddy...next year, you'll be paying me!!!


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