20 Comments Wednesdays...Um...Wait...

Thursday, August 10, 2006
Ok, it’s actually Thursday but I didn’t realize there was such a thing as 20 Comment Wednesdays until Wandering Coyote posted in on her website. Well, since she listed me as one of the blogs she commented on, I felt that it was only fitting I try to do it.

So, here’s my list of 20 comments that I left today on pages around the blog-o-sphere, trying to drum up some blog traffic. Note that on a couple of them, including WC’s, I left multiple posts but I’m not counting those in my twenty. My "regular" stops are in yellow, new blogs in red. Enjoy.

1. Alun over at Archaeoastronmy – he’s a Ph.d. student in Archaeology and Ancient History – I think I’m in love. I really should decide what I’m going to do with my B.A. in Archaeology…

2. Maria and her Adventures in Toronto. Very saucy, slightly sassy knitter who loves chicken wings. If you’re looking for the perfect wing in Toronto, ask her, she can tell you where to find it. She’s currently working on the best burrito.

3. Krista who asks the world “Is this it”. Fellow Edmontonian chick who digs sports. And despite listing 5 weird things about herself, she’s relatively harmless.

4. Despite the fact that she’s from Calgary, Heather at Lectio is great. In addition to being a pretty good photographer and having knowlege of all things knitting, she can blog with the best of them.

5. Sarah Kramer, Vegan Goddess, wrote/co-wrote 3 great cookbooks. She also has a blog! Even omnivores like me can enjoy her books – she’s hilarious and loves the Go-Go’s.

6. Some of the best pictures I’ve seen are on Lauren’s blog, Please Make Rice. I don’t know where the name came from – you’ll have to ask her. Considering that her new job as a postman/woman/person and her boyfriend, Sean, keep her super busy, she still manages to post at least once a day!

7. Wandering Coyote, one of my “oldest” blog friends (along with Great White Bear)

8. The Yarn Harlot. The name says it all. She seems to hang out at Lettuce Knit when she gets a chance. She’s also an author. You go girl.

9. A new blog I came across today – 30Something. Her posts that I managed to read were great and I’m looking forward to checking it. Take the time to drop by and say hello to her.

10. Annie Rhiannon – another new blog. She commented on my page today too. Based on the story she wrote about looking at her butt in the gym mirror, I think she’s going to be a keeper.

11. Cakesniffers – one of the best blog titles and screen names I’ve come across. Sniffy’s header on her blog has me on a worldwide search to obtain a Canadian flag “Bearbricks”. Alas, she cannot offer her dear “Chadwick” as he’s living in Manchester with some guy named Franceso. Lucky Chadwick… upon reflection, methinks Francesco could be the Italian bear beside him…

12. Sean at Watch My Loss is very inspiring. Please visit him and give him your support.

13. I heart Coronation Street. Therefore I heart the gang (Hi Jacqueline!) at Corrie Canuck. They have the greatest updates on Corrie Street episodes in Canada – AND they get together at pubs in the GTA to discuss it! I’m so jealous but that will not stop me from visiting their blog. They are hilarious!

14. Frangelita the pole dancing journalist. She seems to always be off doing interesting exciting things. I think I want her life, if for nothing else than she has great hair, a cool floaty dress, and she lives in the UK.

15. Bad Tempered Zombie – I couldn’t pass up visiting a blog with this title. Barbara, whom I’ve noticed around the blogosphere a couple times, I’m glad I visited your site. However, you seem much hipper than I could ever hope to be.

Ok well that’s it – it’s taken me, oh, only something like 6 hours to do this. I’ve tried doing the random “Next Blog” thingy but it seems to bring me sites in languages other than English or sites advertising something, most often something non-work appropriate. Perhaps I’ll try some more when I get home tonight. If you include my multiple comments on the same sites, then I’ve definitely reached my twenty. Better luck next week. And I’ll do it on Wednesday too.

I have to say that it certainly works. I received a number of visits and comments from some great people I’ve seen around on a number of other blogs but never really got to “know “. Man oh man, though, it was tough.

And in case anyone out there thinks I might be stalking them because they have site meters and my IP address or whatever you-ma-call it appears like, I dunno, six times during the day…I have a LOT of downtown time at work, no husband/boyfriend/kids, and my cats can’t be bothered to entertain me. Now if I’ve visited your site 7 or more times in 24 hours….you should be scared….


Barbara Bruederlin said...

aww, thanks, Karen. And thanks for visiting -I've meaning to come over to say hi. Sorry I'm late.

This seems to be quite an ambitious undertaking! Yikes!

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