Corn popping booty shaking

Saturday, August 12, 2006
Have you ever caught singing out loud while listening to music with your earphones on? Even worse when you're on the bus, right. Want to know what's even more embarassing? Standing at a busy intersection during afternoon rushhour, waiting for the light to change, and you catch yourself shaking your booty to Pon de Replay by Rihanna. We're not just talking about a little foot tapping or head bobbing. I mean ASS SHAKING. What kind of drugs was I on? But wait, it gets worse. I quickly crossed the street and continued my walk home. About half way through I like the Way you Move by Outkast I realized I was walking funny. Oh wait, that was because my ass was wiggling in tune with the music again. Yeah, that's what all the people walking behind me want to see. Sheesh!

Saw a couple of movies this week:
(1) Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - not bad but really long. I think it was about 2 1/2 hours! The ending was interesting, definately a good set up for the third movie which I think will be the best out of all three. But why oh why are they making these so long...

(2) The Descent - horror movie I hadn't heard much about. Story is about 6 female climbers who get together for a cave dive (?) not sure if that's what you call it. They get trapped and have to find a new way out but get picked off by these weird creepy fluourescent white humanoid, gollum-looking things. Couple of interesting twists and turns (literally and figuratively) and a subplot that adds to the ending. Not a great movie but better than most of the horror movies coming out lately (did you know they've made a Saw III??? Good god...).

I have a complaint about movie theatres. Ok, I have a lot of complaints most centering around the price of the snacks/tickets but that's not what I want to rant about today. Let's discuss the QUALITY of the snacks at theatres. I remember years ago that the popcorn was one of the big reasons we went to the theatres - it was awesome, with or without topping. Now, most of the time I've gone to see a flick it's been stale, barely warm and has no flavour. Case in point, when I went to see Pirates 2. It was at an "Empire" theatre - used to be a Cineplex Odeon (better quality). I didn't get butter/margarine cause (a) it's gross, and (b) I'm supposed to be in training. I had to go back and ask for salt to put on it because it was so bland. The salt didn't help. It reminded me of airpopped popcorn you make at home, which isn't bad but try eating it with nothing on top, just dry airpopped corn. Hack hack, gag...

Let's move on to the variety of snacks available. Remember when it was just popcorn, chocolate bars, and licorice? They only time you were offered anything more was when you went to a drive in that had a grill. You could get burgers, dogs, pickles, and nachos. Perhaps it's because the drive in's have all but disappeared that regular theatres have now started offering these same things. Most of the large cineplexes here in E-Town now include a mini pizza place, coffee bars, hot dog stands, ice cream vendors, hotdogs, nachos, giant dill pickles, ... oh and if you're lucky they offer popcorn and candy. I was SHOCKED and in an odd way, slightly disgusted, when standing in line to get my snacks before Pirates and I looked to my left. Staring me in the face, flaunting their healthy goodness, was a display of cut veggie bowls and dips. WHAAAAAT? I don't go to the movies for healthy food? I go to treat myself to a cheesy flick and a cardiac arrest inducing snack. Now I'm willing to put up with the nachos, I'll even accept the coffee and the hotdogs. I draw the line at pizza, hamburgers and ice cream. Not allowed. And veggies????? Unless it comes popped in coconut oil or someother artery clogging liquid, it should be left at the door.


Candy Minx said...

Hey there girl!

how ya doing?

i no longer like movie popcorn either. For one thing the best part of popcorn is the butter and salt. sometimes I have popcorn but not too often.

I sometimes get fries at the movies now but usually just eat before hand. the thrill is missing at food in theatrees!

but I still ove to go to the movies. I saw Pirates too, it was a 10 p.m. show and I almost passed out. Not because of the movies fault, I was just tired form a long day.

next time for the sequel I'm going to an earlier show. But I did go opening weekend and about 30 college age people came in dressed as pirates which was a fun detail!

hey, I don't know if you know Carmen, but she is having a blogwarming party.

if you have time come over and sit at my table for mminute and I brought a couple friends and they are going to do a show..


here's the table I'm at...

Wandering Coyote said...

As I was saying on SME's blog, a movie has to be really spectacular for me to spend the money to see it in the theatre. Hence, I seldom go. And I NEVER get snacks! The prices are outrageous. And those ridiculous junky snack/meal things - the nachos and the pizza etc. - just fricking stink up the theatre. I bet you they have the veg & dip because there's a market for it, though.

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