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Friday, August 25, 2006
I recently read a comment (or was it part of a post) on Sniffy’s blog that she had a visitor from Iran. This made me curious to see where people are from that visit my little ol’ blog but don’t always leave comments. A quick search on google provided a number of different free tools with which to track these sorts of things. I settled on Statcounter as it provides world maps along with the visitor stats.

In the past week, I’ve received visits from Iceland (I’m guessing perhaps Annie Rhiannon and her fabulous new do), England, Norway, the United Arab Emirates, various places across Canada and the US, Italy, and Burkina Faso (Peace Corps Adam?). Woo hoo! I’m international! One of the more interesting aspects of Statcounter is that you can also see how people came to your site (search engines, other websites, etc). What I found particularly interesting was the keyword searches that people did and were subsequently directed to my blog. Here is a sampling…

- Burkina Faso peace corps
- e=mc2 book characters (this was book #10 that I finished earlier this summer)
- airmiles between Edmonton and Fort McMurray (perhaps because I live in Edmonton)
- Empire theatres (my scathing review of the assortment and quality of snacks available at their establishments).
- huge tits (I can only assume that this was because of my recent post regarding my upcoming walk for breast cancer. However, it is also no surprise to me that someone was directed to me when entering these words. I’ve been, shall we say, blessed….).

What an interesting array of topics I seem to have covered over the past few months.


Annie Rhiannon said...

Yes, it's me!

greatwhitebear said...

huge tits would attract me to a site too!

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