The Knight Errant has Returned Unscathed

Sunday, August 27, 2006
Well, I made it to the party and as the title suggests, I made it home with nary a scratch. Ok, not completely true. As more people began to arrive, our hostess "D", herded us all outside as the kitchen wasn't quite big enough and it was a lovely evening. Apparently the mosquitoes also thought so or they really really wanted to discuss the book as well. I have approximately 23 bites from my hour outside on the deck. 2 on my chest, 1 on my elbow, 10 in the middle of my back and 10 clustered about 3 inches to the right on my shoulder blade. Methinks I am considered a mosquito delicacy.

Despite the fact that I don't like going through the process of meeting new people, I had a wonderful time. I even met one woman who invited me to join her at the Yardbird Suite to listen to some great local jazz music the next time she goes. Finally someone who likes good music. A small group of us discussed the book in length - well, the first half. I was relieved to know that most people were around the same place as I was or hadn't even started the book (whew!). Topics ranged from Sancho's defication scene, the stealing of his mule and Don's sword (both of which aren't covered in the's very weird and depends on which original edition has been translated), we also compared the book to buddy cop movies and the three stooges. It was definately a good time! What an interesting group of people D brought together last night.

Our little group of 4 or 5 were even discussing the next book we were going to tackle - could we perhaps be forming our own "classic" book club??? It seemed that the general consensus is Tolstoy's War and Peace (although I did suggest Anna Karenina) - one of the ladies at the party is currently reading a really good translation, she's going to email me the details. I don't know when I'm going to have a chance to get into it...I've got 7 books ordered already, plus a number of websites that Alun sent me on Ancient Egyptian astonomy I have to finish checking out.... ARRRRRRRRRGGGHHH! Reading could become my full time job...

Well, it's Sunday and Coronation Street is calling me. Ashley appears to have lost his sight thanks to Nathan's fist, everyone's off to the Merchant's ball, and Mike is slowly losing his mind. Plus there's laundry to do, the apartment to clean and I still have to return Dave's car. I'll take my leave of you then...


sb13c said...


I heard a rumor you are looking into the Mongol Rally for next year. I just got back from UB, it was insane, definitely do it. Check out the site, Bad Colonies Motoring Cooperative for all the stories including Patrick getting smuggled off the border in Kazakhstan. Drop a comment.


Nathaniel from Bad Colonies

Wandering Coyote said...

Glad you had a good time. I have anxiety when I go to parties or gatherings where I know no one. I commend your bravery and congratulate you for the payoff. Some mosquitoes like certian blood types, as to other vampiric bugs. Hope you're not too itchy.

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