Primal Urges and Scandanavian Perverts

Tuesday, August 22, 2006
The title is probably the best thing about this post. Nothing too serious and no specific theme, just a lot of little things.

Despite Alun’s wonderful mention of me and my campaign to raise money for breast cancer research and awareness in one of his posts, I have had a total of….get ready for it…. 2 donations. Yep, that’s it, two. And Alun himself was one of them. He’s the best. Everyone should run over to his blog right now and give him some love for helping out both with advertising and financial support. I am sad to report that not one of my non-blog friends or family have donated to this very important cause. No, I’m not trying to make anyone feel guilty (although if it works, great!), just letting anyone who’s curious how the fundraising is going. I think that many people are tired of being asked for donations for all kinds of causes and organizations, perhaps they’re getting burnt out from all the giving. Oh well, mom and I will continue to do our best and I’ll try to post before/after pictures from the walk. Oh yeah, and if anyone feels the need to give away some of their hard earned cash… you can do so HERE.

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve deleted a couple of blogs. Frankly there was too many and I have trouble keeping up with this ONE let alone five. The marathon/training blog is gone although I’ll post major updates here, and the EuroCup 2008 blog is gone. I’m still keeping track of games played and will update as teams advance to the next rounds but it seemed pointless to have a whole blog dedicated to a tournament that’s over a year away.

While having dinner with my brother and sister-in-law the other day, they described their former roommate, a Swedish guy named Martin (not to be confused with this Martin) as a MAN-WHORE. I almost fell off my chair. Sure the word itself is funny, but the fact that it’s true is what’s even funnier. Speaking of perverted Scandanavians, I’ve been convinced to give ICQ a try. One source who shall remain nameless, said it’s a good way to get laid - in case anyone’s wondering, I could care less about getting laid. Sure a little shtupping would be nice, and who doesn’t mind a good bonk now and then. However, this is not my goal. I’ve done the whole internet dating thing and frankly I’d rather not have my heart ripped out with a spoon (it hurts more), stomped on and then ran over by a red mustang as the guy leaves town….again. According to a couple of people it’s much better than Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger so I figured I’d give it a try.

I have however been giving into some of my other primal urges lately. You see, I’ve become addicted to Ultimate Fighting. No, I haven’t erected an octagonal cage around my desk and beat any person who dares to enter to a bloody pulp…although…it sounds very tempting somedays! No, I watch it whenever it’s on television. Damn Spike TV. Now, I’ve always loved boxing and there was a period in my early adolescence where I was enthralled by the artistry and athleticism of professional wrestling. Seriously, who could forget Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake? However, watching two guys beat the snot (and other bodily fluids) out of each other until one is too mangled to continue stirs up some kind of odd sensation deep down inside. Humans are violent creatures. It’s just the way we are. This is not street fighting where you can gouge someone’s eye out or kick them in the groin (again, sometimes it’s tempting). It’s more of a combination of mixed martial arts, boxing, and wrestling. Sure it’s bloody and there have been times where I had to look away and turn the sound down because I was sure an arm was about to be broken. I just don’t know what it is about UFC that I enjoy, I just know I can’t stop watching. Perhaps it’s the voyeur in me…but that’s another story.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

The man creature in our house loves Ultimate Fighter too, and I've checked it out sometimes, hoping that it was be as fun as gay porn, but it's not. Even though the guys are half neked and sweaty and crawling all over each other, there's nothing erotic about it - must be the flying snot.
So while I can appreciate Ultimate Fighter as a sport, for me personally I'm sticking to man-love watching.

Krista said...

To me, UFC is in the same league as NASCAR - I just don't see the appeal. My dad was eagerly anticipating all this UFC stuff that I assume has just restarted and we watched it after dinner one evening. I won't deny that it's highly athletic and requires guts, but I just don't get it.

Dad: "Oh... OH!! Did you see that? Split his head right open..."
Me: "Um... oh yeah. Cool?"

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