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Monday, September 11, 2006
Barbara from Montreal had a link on her blog to an article from the Toronto Star on Blog Dating. I find this very intriguing. Why pay all those internet dating sites (note I'm not one of those people) when you can do it yourself for free. Hmmm, what do you think dear readers? Should I give it a go?

I can only imagine what my brother will say about this one...

EDIT: For some reason, the link to the article in the Toronto Star article doesn't work through my blog but you can access it through Barbara's post HERE.

(Note: unlike one of the ladies in the article, I'm not searching for someone to pop my cherry)


Barbara Bruederlin said...

If you are just looking for a roundabout way to say you want to meet me for coffee, I accept.

I guess essentially we do meet a lot of people via blogging but that virgin woman was just being stupid.

Wandering Coyote said...

Why not? Stanger thigns have happened.

Hey - let's start a sight advertising ourselves...

Or not.

Wandering Coyote said...

I couldn't access the link you provided for that article.

Anonymous said...

Why not? You can always lurk for a while and to see what kind of person they are... Although all the people I've met via blogging are strewn across the globe--haven't met anyone here in NY. - Minerva Jane

Tanya said...

That's a different approach. I am sure that now the online dating sites will begin to offer blog space as well in anticipation of those looking for love wanting to flog themselves at the storefront of the internet.

I met my partner through an online dating site. We first got to know each other through email then we spoke over the phone. I do think that if I had a blog at the time it may have either encouraged her or scared her away. As it is, I am two shades of crazy and she likes it.

I think it would certainly change the dating industry. But I do worry for those who create fictional lives and those who would be out to exploit the vulnerable.

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