History Proves Cow Flatulance = Bad Air

Friday, September 29, 2006
Interesting article on climate change and CO2 levels in the past courtesy of Scientific American. Methane levels in the atmosphere on the rise according to National Geographic.
I’ve been on a big environmental kick lately and while some may find that annoying, I say screw you. I’d like to still be able to enjoy the outdoors, wild animals and the planet in general when (hopefully) I’m an old lady without having to wear a face mask and carry an oxygen mask because the air is no longer breathable. Anyways … I’m not going to rant and rave today. I’m in a crappy mood for a number of reasons, none of which I’m going to bother going into. They’re small and insignificant.

While I really don’t like pretty much all of his movies and I don’t find him attractive in the least, I have to admire Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s one of those rare celebrities who really pushes a cause and actually knows what he’s talking about. He’s an environmentalist and not just because it’s the latest Hollywood trend. Oddly enough, when I think of him, I’m reminded of Ed Begley Jr. Remember him? And his electric car? Everyone used to make fun of him and laugh during the 80s and was still the butt of jokes into the early 90s. I thought his entertainment career was virtually nonexistent these days but a quick check of IMDb.com shows that he’s extremely busy. Anyways, I just thought it was so interesting how attitudes change over the years. No one makes fun of Leo and his hybrid/electric car like they did with Ed. Could it be because Leo is young, has a somewhat red-hot career, and (supposedly) is very attractive, whereas Ed was older and average, and frankly just a wee bit odd (even without the car). Both are heavily involved in environmental causes. However, while Leo has DVDs with environmental messages for kids Ed has his own brand of cleaners…kind of like the Paul Newman of household products.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's true what you say, it's all about saleability in celebs. If you want to get your point across you better be attractive.

Gardenia said...

Thanks for stopping by blog. I sure like the design of yours.

Stay on that bandwagon as long as you want. Someone has to shout the message -

Cut pics of cute boys! I was just watching Pitt & Jolie tonight, getting gorgeous body awards - 'tis a shame for two people to be so blasted gorgeous....

Speaking of methane - my mother's dogs have a half-life I'm sure...

Gardenia said...

ooops - I met cute (not cut) - I blog when I'm too tired, last week referred to a "bowel" of soup...ooops

Candy Minx said...

Art gallery's need to control the air and temperature to protect the art work...and they take human flatulence into account.

I think the lack of teasing for DiCaprio versus Begley Jr, is a lot like the post I wrote about Jared Diamond and Marvin Harris.

It's not the actors at all...it's not the fact that one is good looking(although to be fair, I'm sure someone found Begley Jr good looking when he was younger?) but it is a sign of the times...that newer generations are already growing up accepting environmental challenges...the old school elite...were not caring. My boyfriends parents wanted us to get an air conditioner, and we said we were thinkgin carefully because they are bad for the environment, and they totally were "No they aren't" So what, we can't change their minds..they are set. In denail etc not open to listening or thinking about it. But newer generations, aren't converted, they just grow up already knowing the hazards.

It's not a joke about DiCaprio because, it's not funny.

Tanya said...

Leo is indeed a more attractive face to hang on environmental issues. People, for the most part, are very superficial. They're more likely to buy something from someone perceived as attractive.

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