Today is not a good day...

Saturday, September 30, 2006

A brazillian plan has crashed in the Amazon jungle (read more HERE and HERE) and an overpass in Laval Quebec has collapsed (read more HERE and HERE).


Gardenia said...

Nope, not a good day. I am always when flying in awe of the fact that they planes stay up like they do. Especially in U.W. when a lot of airline folks have their salaries cut in half, TSA has insane issues, and $ are not available for upkeep. Same with infrastructures - I personally believe the governments have some responsibiity to make sure planes fly and bridges stay in one piece. They built New Orleans levies back, but only to the point they were before the disaster. There should be some point of responsibiilty somewhere to make sure these things that have potential for mass disaster are carefully watched over and kept in top notch conditions.

Candy Minx said...

Very sounds like the Brazil aircraft might have been an airbus? The way it's described as gojng straight down.ugh. I hope everyone just passed out and went peacefully more or less.

I am with diana on the caretaking...THAT is the ONLY thing poiticians should be responsible for is taking care of roads and city safety, just focused on medical programs roads...we shouldn't let them organize or decide anything else.

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