UEFA Euro Cup 2008 Qualifying Results

Wednesday, September 06, 2006
For Saturday September 2, 2006:

My correct picks are in green, incorrect are red, ties are yellow. (Note that when I made all my picks for the qualifying rounds, I did NOT pick any team to tie).

Scotland 6-0 Faroe Islands
Northern Ireland 0-3 Iceland
5-0 Andorra
Malta 2-5 Bosnia-Herzegovina
Georgia 0-3 France
Hungary 1-4 Norway
Belarus 2-2 Albania
Serbia and Montenegro
1-0 Azerbaijan
Czech Republic 2-1 Wales
Slovakia 6-1 Cyprus
Poland 1-3 Finland
Luxembourg 0-1 Netherlands
Germany 1-0 Republic of Ireland
Italy 1-1 Lithuania
Latvia 0-1 Sweden
Romania 2-2 Bulgaria
Moldova 0-1 Greece
Estonia 0-1 Israel
Spain 4-0 Liechtenstein

Pretty good - only 2 definate wrong picks and 3 ties. However, there was another round played today and so far...not so good.


Alun said...

I don't know what's more horrifying. That you chose Luxembourg over Holland or that you didn't pick Wales. :)

...though I'll admit Luxembourg did do way better than I expected.

Karen said...

I figured every once in a while you have to cheer for the underdog. When I was making my picks, I wasn't even sure Luxembourg had enough people to field an entire team! We rarely hear anything about them over hear ... kind of like Liechtenstein or Andorra. How they haven't been absorbed into one of the larger countries is a mystery to me.

As for Wales...you'll have to forgive me. If they were playing someone like Moldova or Cyprus, I would have picked them to win. But the Czech Rep? Come on!

I loved the score of the Germany/San Marino game from the 6th...13-0!!! Why not just give up after the first, say, 6 or 7 goals. Brutal.

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