1000 Books

Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Update to the list made today.


Candy Minx said...

Okay, now is this list starting like from NOW because you've probably already read 1000 books in your life, no? It sure looks like you're on your way with some awesome foundations already laid in this list.

Have you got a theme, o any old books.

One time, I started a note book writing down every book I'd ever read...I still have it somewhere...it's was very strange. I'd be atsomeones house and see a book and then be oh!!! I've read that, add it to the list! I was always remembering somethin or digging it out. And around that tiem at an online book club, I met a person who had kept a book diary since they were small. I was so impressed. They would write a little card with a short description, their impressions and store it ina file box. I started doing that but the activity only was amaintained by me for about two years.

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