Barb and Ernie's Goes Big Time

Monday, October 09, 2006
CBC Newsworld is going to be airing a new show airing October 10th (Tuesday) and October 14 (Saturday) - check your local listings - entitled "BOSSES". From the CBC website:

Find out what makes a great boss and a bad boss in Bosses, Rosie Dransfeld's smart and irreverent exposé of how bosses function in the modern workplace. The film's cheeky style captures both the absurdities that abound in the workplace, as well as some basic facts that will resonate with all who hold a job.

The first person profiled on the series is going to be local Edmonton businessman, Ernie Feuchter. In business here in Edmonton for over 30 years, his restaurant "Barb and Ernies Country Inn" is a breakfast institution. In my opinion, probably the best place for breakfast in the entire city - reasonable prices, great food, cozy atmosphere, and cheesey german variety shows airing on tv's located throughout the tiny restaurant. Plus, Ernie himself greets you when you walk in the door, calling all the ladies beautiful, gorgeous, sexy and simultaneously insulting any male that crosses the threshold. I heart Ernie.

Another small blurb about Ernie from the website:

The first boss is Ernie Feuchter, a hyperactive alpha male who, along with his wife Barb, operates Barb & Ernies Country Inn, a popular restaurant: Tense, loud and bossy, Ernie runs the establishment in a manner that recalls his days of working as a cook for the German army. Always on the move, Ernie has greeted his customers with the same shtick for three decades and he loves to hire teenagers with little or no experience, enabling him to forge them into underlings that will keep his restaurant exactly as he wants it. With Ernie the rules are strict! There are no excuses for hangovers. As he eloquently states, "We have a saying. He or she what can party can damn well work."


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