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Monday, October 30, 2006
After yet another round of problems with Blogger this weekend (and they were pretty bad and widespread), I noticed a large number of "bloggers" heading over to other free services. Services which do not seem to have the same number of problems that Blogger has and continues to have. People are migrating en-masse to sites like WordPress and LiveJournal among others. However, I wonder if the problems with blogger are perhaps because of the extremely large numbers of people who use this site compared to the other free ones out there. Irregardless, I have a feeling that these other sites are going to see a rapid increase in members and Blogger's going to see a HUGE decline!

I will certainly be checking them out myself (the picture posting problem that blogger seems to have every other day is VERY frustrating) but I'll be sure to let everyone know if I decide to move permanently.


Wandering Coyote said...

I guess this was a good time for me to go underground...I haven't experienced any of the problems.

I don't know how Wordpress or LiveJournal work, but I do wonder if they see an increase in usage if they'll start having problems too. I really think Blogger needs to clean a few things up, and even erradicate sites that are no longer being used. I hate detritus on the net.

Sniffy said...

Try blogger beta. You create a Google account to access it and you can transfer your current blogger blog to it. I'm happy with standard blogger, but some might find blogger beta better. For example, you can log in on your own blog and change the settings there, rather than editing the html template. Set up a dummy blog, see what you think, then switch over if you like it. I did it with one of mine and it's OK.

Alun said...

One reason Wordpress is up much more is that they don't allow Javascript. It's the freedom that also brings problems at blogger. I was happiest with Wordpress on my own server and I'd still be with that if it wasn't for the bandwidth bills.

Blogsome offers Wordpress with more flexibility as I recall.

Apart from the uptime there's not that much difference between the various systems.

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