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Monday, October 16, 2006
I’m getting very bored with the music on my MP3 player right now and I never listen to the radio. I need some help, people. What are your all-time favourite (they don’t have to be current/top 40 stuff) three songs that get you moving and grooving?


Krista said...

I have been in the same situation for a while now, so I have reverted to some old favourites.

I have been in a very electronic mood, and the song that has been spinning a lot in the past few days is "Lost In The K-Hole" by the Chemical Brothers from their 1997 album, Dig Your Own Hole. It's so.... weird-sounding. And dancetastic.

For studying I have been listening to my Studying Playlist, which includes the likes of my fave, Coldplay (mostly their newest stuff and some B-sides... like "Gravity"), Sam Roberts (the slower stuff like "Taj Mahal" and "Uprising Down Under"), Dave Matthews Band (I LOVE "American Baby"), uh.... Nico (formerly of the Velvet Underground.... "These Days is quite possibly one of my most favourite songs ever), and the Amelie soundtrack.

And finally, I Paul Simon's Graceland. Always fantabulous. It reminds me of my childhood and driving at night, falling asleep in the car. [Sigh]

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I can't pick just three! No fair! But here's the first three movers and shakers that come to mind:
Primal Scream - Movin' On Up
the Weakerthans - Confessions of a Futon Revolutionist
Elliott Brood - Oh Alberta

Check me in half and hour and they will be completely different.

Red said...

More than three, admittedly, but these are my suggestions.

For moving and grooving, I usually turn to:
* Alkaline Trio (Crimson is their latest album, but Good Mourning is also excellent. Kinda like Green Day, but better, IMHO);
* Weezer (Pinkerton is great! Give it a couple of tries, it grows and you and doesn't quit);
* Muse (but beware: they might induce paranoid feelings); or
* Fall Out Boy (they're always fun).

For mellowing out,
* Elliott Smith;
* Bright Eyes;
* Joseph Arthur; and
* Rufus Wainwright.

Candy Minx said...

we just picked up the Greatest Hits by the Beastie Boys. Its a classic and every song is awesome and dancable.

You know what else I like, listeining to other peoples playlists. UM, I have a couple blog links that they update a playlist evey that keeps me surprised. Also, why don't you check out Pandora. You can find a link to it on my blog if need be. I just pick some music or the artists and then Pandora trys to guess other music I would like, it's awesome. It's on my blogroll.

And Luis, he changes his playlist everyweek, looks like lots of latin music this week...

Tanya said...

ANUBIS!! What a GREAT name for a cat!

Alun said...

You may like Pandora. It knows about the Durutti Column, Sigur Ros and Falco. It's not so good at finding artists that I've just made up.

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