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Monday, October 02, 2006
*** MOM ***

Well, I did it and I’m still alive to blog about it. The CIBC Run for the Cure took place yesterday morning and it was fantastic. Edmonton had approximately 10,000 participants who together raised a combined $1.25 million!!! Not bad for a city with a population of just over 700,000 (according to a 2005 census and reported on Wikipedia). Thanks to everyone who donated to this great cause and a great big WOO HOO to my fellow walkers/runners. What a great day. Y'all helped me raise $255!!!

My total time for the 5K was approximately 54:30 which means that the winner of the pool I had going to guess my time is………. My big brother DAVID! He was one of my two “major” sponsors who donated $50 each (therefore earning them 10 guesses each on the board). He wins a fancy brand new water bottle for work filled with pink peanut M&Ms (a portion of the proceeds from these limited edition bags are donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation).

Despite a sometimes bitter wind whipping through the downtown streets from the river valley, it was a great way to spend the morning. As mentioned, there were a LOT of people there, including a number of students from local junior/senior high schools, and some even brought their dogs. I love dogs but I think it’s cruel to muzzle dogs. Most people that I saw had leash type muzzles on their dogs to prevent them from barking and biting other dogs and people. I’d prefer people just leave them at home, mouths free to open as wide as they need to. Some people had brought toy poodles and little daschund type dogs that were in great danger of being trampled under many a sneaker-shod foot. It was very cute how some of them even had their own run bibs with their names on it (I think these were homemade) or tshirts.

I saw John Stanton run past me on his way back to the finish line and then again walking around Churchill Square after my group finished. For those of you don’t know, Stanton is the owner/founder of the Running Room franchise here in Canada and parts of the US. I guess you could call him a local celebrity?

I was the first to arrive of our trio and waited patiently for my mother. She is clearly insane as she showed up in a pair of shorts and her cotton tshirt. It was about 8C when we started out. Sheesh. However, she was outdone by my buddy Lisa. Let me back up a second. We had made plans to meet at the bus stop outside of the Stanley Milner Library. This faces Sir Winston Churchill Square, the site of the run. At about 9:45 still no Lisa. I finally checked my cell phone and it seems I had missed a call from her at 9:30. At that moment the phone rang and sure enough it was Lisa wondering where we were. In front of the bus stop I replied. There was much confusion as we were both claiming to be in front of the library when I turned to face the square, standing 10 feet in front of me was Lisa. Sheesh. The worst part is we kept talking to each other on our phones as we made our way to each other . We’re idiots. I was shocked to see that Lisa had shown up dressed in wind pants, a winter coat, a toque and mittens. Oh my. When you stood the three of us in a row we looked like that diagram of the evolution of man but for clothes… you know what I mean.

Along with Lisa were two former coworker/friends from the insurance place I worked at a few years ago. I recognized one of them, Doris, and not the other, thinking it was just a friend of the first. 30 seconds later, in the middle of a sentence, I stopped and practically screamed “Connie!”. Holy smokes. I haven’t seen my lovely Italian friend in about a year or so and she has changed! Never fat, hardly chubby, Connie had one of those great figures which was curvy without being bulgy and slim without looking anorexic. Basically a body I would have killed for (and still would given the opportunity). I had heard through Lisa that she had taken up running again with Doris at lunchtimes. It seems that she’s become a “runner”. She’s lost some weight (which she didn’t necessarily need to) and is tight, toned and athletic. WOW. What an inspiration to really get back into walking with a vengeance. I’ll have to do that anyways for the marathon training I have coming up but that was a big kick in my can. That and the pictures my mother and Lisa took of me at the run – let’s just say I’m really not a happy camper about them and I WON’T be sharing any of me from Sunday morning.

On the weekend, I also read an article about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), which I have that said giving up wheat (BREAD…EEK!) helped relieve a number of the symptoms and helped people with this problem lose weight. I have decided to give it a try. Dear god, life without white processed no-nutritional-value-whatsoever bread…? Can you imagine?


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Great post, Karen!

I was going to say you must have had a much nicer day in Edmonton yesterday than in Calgary, when I saw the picture of your mom, but it's good to know that she is just "clearly insane" instead. hahaha

Good job on the run and congrats to you and the great finish. Lucky brother with m&ms mmmmm

Now about giving up wheat. I wouldn't be so hasty to do that unless you know that you actually have a problem with wheat per se. But definitely choose whole grain over processed flour. It tastes way better anyway.

Wandering Coyote said...

I thought of you on Saturday. One of the nurses at the hospital did the local run and had a tshirt on, and that's when I was reminded that this was your weekend! I'm so proud of you! Way to go, girlfriend!

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