Happy Halloween

Tuesday, October 31, 2006
According to this site, here is a bit on the history of Halloween. It also has a number of links to various Halloween tidbits including the origins of the Jack-O-Lantern. If you’re interested in how Halloween is celebrated (or recognized) in different parts of the world, check out this site to learn more.

I was very sad when it was announced that UNICEF would no longer be giving out their orange donation boxes to school age children anymore. It’s the end of a 50 year tradition here in Canada. They were every where when we were kids and to my generation of Canadians, there as much a part of Halloween as pumpkins, costumes and candy. Alongside the giant bowl at the front door, overflowing with goodies, we always had a jar full of spare change – pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters that dad had collected from emptying his pockets at the end of the day. I understand the reasons why the boxes are being discontinued, I just hope that people continue to support UNICEF and the work it does.


Red said...

These pictures are awesome! Are they your own jack-o-lanterns? How did you set fire to them like that?!? I am awed!

Happy Halloween!

* (asterisk) said...

Wow, this page looks so similar to mine, it's spooky. Spoooooky, I mean! Have a good one, Karen!

Karen said...

Well, you ARE my inspiration and reason for getting up in the morning. :)

Red said...

Calm down now, you two.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I was bummed to hear about the UNICEF boxes being discontinued as well. We had to lug those 15 lb boxes around our necks all night, for christ's sake, so should everybody else.

Yay Hallowe'en, though! Best day of the year!

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