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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
How'd that happen? Thanks for the music suggestions, I'm going to give them a listen to and likely download a few. Barbara B, I'm sure it was very difficult for you to only choose a few and Alun, don't worry. Musical choices are very individual and say alot about a person. Now what does that say about you....? Just teasing. I actually enjoyed the music from the second email, never heard of them before. I'll listen to the rest when I get home this evening. Keep those suggestions coming!

In other news, a group of 8 - 11 year olds in Manitoba started bullying the NKOTB who happens to be older but has spina bifida. They locked him in a shed and set fire to it. Thanks to two other young girls who happened to come by, he was not hurt. However, the bullies, due to their age, will face no charges. Read more about it HERE. Frankly, I'm disgusted by our Youth Criminal Justice Act. If you do the crime, you should have to do the time (or at least be punished for your actions somehow).

YAY GOOGLE. I'm not a big fan of the giant corporations, but I like me some Google. Even more so now that they've decided to run much of their corporate headquarters on solar power. Read the Globe and Mail article HERE. It would be great if more corporations would follow their lead when it comes to alternate energy sources. I'd also love to see more green roofs, company gardens and green space.

The Bunnies over at Angry Alien have completed their work on the new FIGHT CLUB video. Not as good as some of their other remakes but worth a look. Apparently their version of Christmas Vacation will be out next month (WOO HOO!) just in time for Christmas. Stay tuned for updates.

No pictures - Blogger is being a poohead.


* (asterisk) said...

Somehow I missed the music post. Not to worry. If anything occurs to me, I'll slot it in somewhere.

Wandering Coyote said...

That bullying story is WHACKED, man. That was f*cking attempted murder! I notice our man Steve is bringing in new criminal legislation today, but I think it for sex offenders mostly. The young offenders act needs a serious revamping.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yay for Angry Alien! Even a half-decent Bunnies is worth the trip. Can't wait for the Christmas Vacation one. Thanks for this! (and the shout)

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