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Monday, October 30, 2006
After some research this morning, it seems likely that I will stay with Blogger. I hate LiveJournal, WordPress doesn’t seem to allow me the freedom I’m looking for, you have to pay to use TypePad, and I haven’t found another one that will let me do what I want. Oh well, as I mentioned to a friend earlier today, it’s a free service so I can’t really complain when it goes down, right? However, I’m still not happy with my blog template yet…I’ll have to give it some more thought.

I got a jump start on the holiday season already. As our family (the ones in the city) has chosen to exchange names for presents, I only really had to buy one and I’ve picked it up already! I can’t say what it is or where I got it because I’m not sure if the sister in law reads my blog – don’t worry, she knows that I drew her name. I’ve also managed to pick up my “mystery kitchen” themed gift for our work secret santa exchange. I’ve got my Christmas cards done – including most of the addresses! Oh yeah baby, I’m prepared this year! I’m already planning what I’m doing to have at my Christmas Eve dinner/lunch for the family. All I really need to get now is a birthday present for mom (gift basket of Italian goodies – sauces, pasta, recipes, chocolates…), the food for dinner/lunch (no problem – finger foods), and a present for the niece and nephew. Definitely getting them the Over the Hedge DVD but not sure what else yet.

Ok, this is quite sad but I took out all my Christmas decorations yesterday. Now before you freak out, I didn’t actually put them up. Well…ok, I put up the Christmas lights in one window. But that’s it! My goal was to see what I had, what (if anything) I still needed, and if everything worked. Thank goodness my phone rang and I was invited to go out shopping. Otherwise my tree would have been up, lit, and decorated.

Spent most of yesterday afternoon carving out pumpkins with the family and roasting pumpkin seeds. It was our first attempt and they turned out fabulously if I do say so myself (and I do!). The pumpkins are very cute and I’ll try and take a pic tomorrow when I head over to give out candy.


Sniffy said...

You ought to be careful putting your decs up too early. Some people, people like me for example, would happily pour petrol through the letterboxes and set fire to the houses of those who put their decs up before the end of November!

Think on and look sharp.

Good to know you're sticking with Blogger. It can be a right old pain, but like you said, you can do a lot with the templates and it's free. Have you checked out the Blogger Beta thing?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I know where you live you know. Be careful about telling me about Christmas stuff in October.

But I'll be envying you come December 10 or so.

Gardenia said...

What a lovely template you've created! Kinda exotic - I really like it.

I too am in the middle of Christmas - what a mess. Well, not "too" - sounds like you are done except for the tail ends. I have to pack everything to mail to Florida, because the damn airlines think this 6'2" old lady looks like a middle eastern terrorist and I don't want to spend hours while they pilfer my luggage.

Amd want to make some stuff - homemade stuff for people...

mmm, love those pumpkin seeds - one of the gals at work is making homemade pumpkin pies from scratch and freezing them for us - amazing -

* (asterisk) said...

I'm glad you're staying with Blogger. I did the same research and got the same results when I got pissed off last month. Certainly I'm not going to pay to blog, however much I enjoy it! I'm sure one day it'll be as bug-free as the rest of the Internet and computing in general (sarcasm, moi?), and in the meantime I'm going to stick with it.

Christmas?! Aaaahhh, not yet, it's too early!

Anonymous said...

i agree--blogging should be free...
and hey--i say put up your decorations whenever you want!

Tanya said...

Indeed. I have tried Livejournal and Myspace but Blogger is where I am happiest. And yes, it should SO be free!

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