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Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Hmmm, what to talk about today? Well, I think this will be a food related post today, just because I’m craving a lot of things right now and it seems appropriate. Current cravings include coca cola (surprise), something nutty (preferably coated in chocolate), a Good Earth roll ™ from Save-On Foods piled high with jalapeno havarti cheese, tomatoes and lots of mustard, cake (any flavour as long as it’s got icing), donuts, parmasean mashed carrots, a really great pork chop, my brother’s mashed potatoes….I could go on and on and on. Seems like a lot of carbs on that list. Again, no surprise, I’m a huge carb fan.

Let’s move on and try to get away from the cravings. I watched the 2nd episode of David Rocco’s Dolce Vita (season 3) last night entitled Rocco’s Food Tour. Here’s the blurb from the Food Network (Canada):

Rocco spends the day putting together an insider's food guide to Florence. Along with his photographer friend Chris, Rocco shows us the ins and outs of buying fruits and vegetables at one of the city's fabulous open air markets; he explains everything you've ever needed to know about ordering a coffee in Italy. He shows us a recipe from one of Florence's hot restaurants, and finally, he takes time out to enjoy a pre dinner aperitivo and of course, an after dinner digestive. This is la dolce vita.

Rocco had two recipes in this episode that I’d like to try: the Lingue di Gatto (which I won’t be making but they sound scrumptious) or Cat’s Tongue as they’re known in English, and the Gnudi All’Acqua Al 2 (gnudi means nude/naked – basically it’s the inside of ravioli without the ravioli). They looked delicious. However, the thing that I really noticed (other than the absence of Marco..) was David Rocco’s pants. Holy hanna were they tight in the … um … crotchal region. It’s no wonder he walks funny when his pants are like that. It was extremely distracting. It also didn’t help that they appeared to have studs (ha ha ha…) or sequins sewn into the front crotch seam. Hello? How could anyone miss that. Perhaps it is a distraction technique to draw people’s attention away from the fact that this former model is going a bit bald on top (not that he should worry, you don’t have to have a thick head of hair to be sexy and attractive).

In other food news, the small town of Morinville just outside of Edmonton is doing what they can to support our troops overseas. No, it has nothing to do with wearing ribbons or writing letters, they’re not attending parades, rallies or protests. What are they doing you ask? Well, they’re putting together a care package for those men and women with only one item inside. That all time favourite Canadian staple….Kraft Dinner. That’s right. Apparently the thing our soldiers need more than helicopters that can fly, tanks that can roll, and armoured vehicles with actual armour, is macaroni and cheese. Read more about it HERE, or HERE. And, according to THIS, Canadians are the largest per capita consumers of the product (regardless of the different names). Every time I think of KD, I have images of the Kids in the Hall singing that damn irritating song…
Ho dee oten doten day, ho dee oten day oh, ho dee oten doten day, fattening up our tapeworms!
No pictures thanks to blogger.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Now my head is spinning with thoughts of great bread and pork chops, Kids in the Hall and crotch sequins! I think I need some air.

Very entertaining post, as usual!

Gardenia said...

I watch "Runway" on TV - and one of the designs for a "Jet Setter" was a pair of those sequin crotch pants. Sounds like they might be the "in thing" with the right crowd. :)

Gnudi sounds gooooooooooood to me.

Sniffy said...

Yay! Kraft Dinner! I've got three boxes at home. Im the excitement of returning from Canada, I'd completely forgotten that I had them.

They're OK, but a little on the sweet side.

langues du chats too. Bloody French nick everything and call themselves good cooks. Buggers.

Did you find that bear yet?

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