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Wednesday, October 04, 2006
I love television. More than I love my computer and the internet. You might say I almost love it more than food, which is a big deal because I love food. Well, it’s more of a love/hate relationship with food but that’s another story… I’ll watch just about anything, often just having the TV on for background noise. I love British comedies and dramas, reality TV, Judge Judy and occasionally even an episode or two of Oprah. If I had to choose, my current favourite channels would be History Television, PBS and A&E. However, I’ve been spending a lot of my tv-watching time with my new best friends, CBC and CBC Newsworld. I’ve discovered that CBCNW shows documentaries EVERY night at the same time (if you DID know this…hint hint…you could win a new iPOD). For those of you who’ve been reading the captain’s log here will have noticed that I’ve been BIG on the docs lately. Programs such as The Big Picture and The Lens show some great documentaries that don’t necessarily get the wide attention they deserve. Unless you’re someone like Michael Moore or take on a HUGE multinational corporation like Morgan Spurlock did, most people will never see these films. That’s a shame.

The other night, I watched an interesting documentary called Naked on The Lens about people who use nudity to “affirm their values and fight for their beliefs”. It was eye opening (and not just because of the multitude of naked bodies). I found it fascinating how so many people are uncomfortable with nudity (myself at times included in this group) and their own bodies (ditto!). And then of course are those people who completely ignore the issue at hand and instead focus on the naked boobs, buns, and balls hanging out, some even snapping pictures. There were a couple of guys in the film who you just knew were going to go home, develop those pics and then ….um…shall we say…explore their own bits? They were creepy. The film covered a wide range of naked protests and awareness/money raising campaigns. Yet another little film I’d recommend.

Get the message?

Look closer…what do you see?

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Candy Minx said...

Naked Television, I thought you might be talking about Nip/Tuck there for a second!

That's a cool photo and yep, I see a little butt.

Wow, cbc sure has a good fall line up you are on a roll...I need a pencil right beside me every time I drop by sweetie!

I am going to try to pick up an advanced copy of The Upside of Down, he has autographed copies of the Ingenuity Gap at his web site too...Thomas Homer-Dixon, that is...

we could try to have a little informal book discussio(btw, I am addicted ti N/T)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You certainly watch interesting tv. I may not watch very much but it's always the same thing - The Hour, South Park,Rick Mercer. That's pretty much it.
So you shouldn't feel badly about your tv viewing - you're watching good stuff. And naked.

Wandering Coyote said...

I'm also a big fan of CBC docs. They have some of the best programming around.

The Hour starts back up on Monday!!!

I looked closer at the picture here, but what was I supposed to see?

Krista said...


My Family. I love that show. LOVE IT. Sometimes I think that I was a Brit in a past life or something. Their humour and culture in general appeal to me greatly.

Gardenia said...

I get really mad at myself for watching TV because I have so little time to do art. BUT I'm finding that I have a few favorites now. I have four books to read, which I usually only read a complete book on an airplane. Well, I'm going to go watch another favorite, "Missing."

Tanya said...

I may be a fat chick, but I have posed naked for a life drawing class. I have also been mostly naked for massage. I don't LOVE my body, but I figure that if anyone else has a problem it's their problem not mine.

I think this is great!

* (asterisk) said...

Oh Karen, don't watch My Family... That really is mainstream Brit comedy at its worst. Go here and watch Extras. I think you'll like it...

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