Wanna see my boobs?

Thursday, October 12, 2006
No not yet. Lynn left a comment (thanks!) earlier on my waxing post so I whipped over to her blog to have a look. I noticed that she's involved in something called "Boobie-thon". Seems a bunch of women (and men) are willing to show their goodies for breast cancer donations. What a great way to get people to donate! SO, next year I'm setting a BIG goal and you might just get the chance to check out my gorgeous girls. Stay tuned for more updates!


Gardenia said...

Just visited boobie-thon - it was touching. To see real people - we sure get ingrained with hollywood "all the same boobs" - it bought home these gorgeous bodies/boobies are REAL bodies, real men and real women, and hey - guess what, we all got 'em - its part of who we are - AND men get breast cancer too. Go get em....next year start a boobie-blog-a-thon!

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