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Friday, November 10, 2006
SO, I should probably give a brief update to anyone who may have missed last night’s episode. Jonathan and Candice began the night off by talking together a lot about alliances, plans, and sticking together. Ok, in fairness, Jonathan did most of the talking and seemed to be under the impression that Candice was going along with him. There was talk of the merge and joining up with members of their former tribe to vote out the other survivors and take themselves to the final four. Then it was off to the reward challenge. The two tribes show up and Jeff, that rascally devil, has a surprise for them. He gives the members of both tribes 10 seconds to decide if they’d like to mutiny and join the other tribe. No one moves but you can see people thinking about it. With 3 seconds to go, Candice jumps off her mat and mutinies against her tribe. Jonathan, looking slightly panicked and with only a second to spare, jumps off as well. The look on his face immediately following this foolish action makes me think that he realized all too late that yes, it was indeed foolish. That leaves only Yul, Becky, Sundra and Ozzy on the red tribe. They are pissed. And the other members of the blue tribe are stunned.

The reward challenge itself which involved rolling a pair of women in barrels down a hill, over some logs and then floating them across the lagoon would have made me vomit. With powerhouses like Yul and Ozzy leading the way, the red tribe won easily. Ozzy, walking past the blue tribe called out “mutineers are the first to die”. He’s not bitter. Nope. Not at all. The red tribe enjoys coffee, pastries and momentos from home which makes everyone (including yours truly) cry and join in a group hug. Ok, so I had to settle for my cats and the television but it was close.

Heading on over to the blue tribe’s camp, we find Jonathan trying desperately to become one of the gang but the guys especially are quite standoffish. He makes fire, cooks food, catches fish/clams, and does various things around camp to make himself seem useful. After a while, Adam’s resolve to vote him off starts to weaken a bit and he talks to Nate about considering keeping Jonathan around for a few more days. They figure they should stick with their original choice of Brad and then go after Jonathan. Candice however, tries another tactic. She resorts to her mild flirting with Adam (let’s face it, she’s much more subtle than Parvati) and starts telling him how Jonathan has been saying he’s weak and that it was his idea to send Adam to exile island. Needless to say, Adam falls for her little trick and believes her completely (from the previews of next week’s show, you could see why he’s so eager to keep her around). Adam starts complaining to Nate about how he’d like to smash Jonathan in the head with a brick (that’s very poor sportsmanship if you ask me!). Off they go to the immunity challenge.

Let’s just say that the red tribe wins again. Despite him being my fave this season, I have to say it’s largely due to Jonathan. He kept focusing on what his old tribe was doing rather than concentrating on the task at hand. Despite being up two cannonball shots to zero, the blue tribe lost quite badly. Almost as badly as they lost the reward challenge. In the end, the entire tribe voted for Brad and Jonathan’s kosher bacon was saved, for now.

My darling Jonathan. Dude! I think you may have just screwed yourself over. What the hell were you thinking? At least if you had stayed with your tribe, you might have convinced Yul and Becky to vote off Sundra or Ozzy. But nooooooooooooooo, you were under the mistaken impression that you and Candice are close. Boy oh boy were you wrong. From practically the minute she jumped off the mat and into Adams waiting arms, she started trying to get you voted off. She's playing Adam big time and it looks like it might cost you in the end. Now, not only are your four former tribe members (Yul, Ozzy, Becky and Sundra) wanting to get rid of you, if they merge next week, your ass might be grass as they team up with the rest of your new tribe and stick you on the new improved (and larger) jury. Colour me sad. I think the only way he has a chance at the moment is that the tribes merge next week (which I think they will from the looks of the preview) and he is able to convince the majority of people to get rid of Ozzy/Yul at the next council. Otherwise, the two of them are going to win all the individual immunity challenges and the rest of the tribe will be screwed.

Hang on Jonathan! Hang on!


Red said...

Hot damn! So much temptation... but I was strong, though I caught a glimpse of the cute Korean guy... Has he been voted out? Don't answer that! I don't want to know... yet!

Thanks for the warning in the title, Karen!

Anonymous said...

is that show still on?...i have still never seen an episode..i'll ahve to try and catch it someday

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You like Jonathan? I can't STAND him! (and my kid says he is turning her into a self-loathing white person).

We'll just have to agree to disagree on this, shall we?

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