Can I get a Cab to the Grocery Store Please?

Sunday, November 05, 2006
A couple of things struck me as...interesting...this morning as I watched my beloved Coronation Street. The first concerns the name of grocery stores. I finally realized that the name of the nearest non-corner shop store in the street, "Fresch-co's" (or a similar spelling), is a play on a popular large chain in the UK called Tesco's. Actually I'm not sure how popular it is, I keep reading how people over there hate it. Hmmmm. I'm curious as to why most grocery store chains here in Canada start with an "S". Most of the major ones do at least...Safeway, Superstore, Save-On, Sobeys. What ever happened to originality? Come on people, I want to see a grocery store chain that starts with a daring letter like....X or perhaps even...dare I say it...K?

I also started thinking about taxi cabs (oooh, those black cabs in the UK! I want to take a spin in one some day). I'm not sure if this applies to taxis in other countries, but for my Canadian readers, have you ever read those rate sheets they attach to the windows? They usually list a minimum charge, the types of payments accepted and sometimes a flat rate for airport runs and the like. However at the bottom there is another fee, I think here in Edmonton its now $0.30. It reads something along the lines of $0.30/ever 1/10 KM or portion thereof. Something like that. However, have you ever noticed that the meter in the cab keeps running up even if the car is sitting still at a light? How come I'm being charged for all these portions of KM's when I'm not even moving an inch? The rate sheet should read $0.30 for ever 10 seconds sitting in traffic. Just one of my little pet peeves. Mind you, I'm always too shy to ask the driver what the deal is.

PS: History Bites today was a parody of the Battle of Thermopylae and the 300 Spartans. However, they changed it to Thermapalooza and turned it into a "Wrestlemania type" contest. It was usual.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

IGA. A&P. Valuemart. Co-op.

But you are right - there is an overabundance of "S" named grocery stores in this country.

Tesco must be really despised, as I have only heard it referred to negatively as well. It likely has the same reputation as Walmart over here - responsible for killing smaller shops through bullying and questionable business practices.

Karen said...

Well Sobey's bought out most, if not all of the IGA's up here. I haven't seen an A&P except in Ontario and never heard of Valuemart. As for co-op, it's more of a smaller town store isn't it?

Regardless, you're right there are a number of other ones. And yes, Tesco's does seem to have a crappy reputation doesn't it.

Gardenia said...

We'll see if we can send Kroeger's up there, although they are terribly expensive. But maybe groceries are getting expensive everywhere. Here we have Safeway as well, then Albertson's, of course the famous Walmart, and one I love in my mother's hometown - Smith's - it carries health food. Down south there is Winn-Dixie, Save 'n Sack, along with the others I mentioned. I love the specialty markets there - like Apple Market. YUMMY - the money does fly from all the temptations.

Wandering Coyote said...

OK - being a grocery store connoisseur I have to say that the UK has the best grocery stores EVER. I love Tesco's. They make the best fruit and fibre cereal! I also love Sainsbury's and ASDA, two of the other chains there. A&P in ON is Safeway. Here, our local chain is Ferraro's, and we also have Extra Foods. In Ottawa, there was Loblaws, Loeb's, and Independent. But you're right; too many S names out here.

Sniffy said...

Tesco is hugely popular: £1 in every £8 spent in the UK is spent in Tesco. I love it (most of the time), but bad experiences there are really bad.

Black cabs are a menace and are VERY uncomfortable.

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