Have you ever...

Friday, November 24, 2006
...gone to the doctor's office (or other professional) and been ignored???? I've gone to other doctors and had them act indifferent and occasionally not listen to my concerns, but I've never been completely ignored? Sure, I'll admit I don't stand out in a crowd; I'm no great beauty nor am I hideously ugly. I'm average, and I tend to bend into the background.

As usual, I showed up about 1/2 hour before my appointment. Call me anal if you will but I like to make sure I'm early for everything - it's much more polite than showing up late. Plus, the nurses at my doc's office has always been great for getting me into see him before my appointment time as there's usually someone else who shows up 10 minutes late. I heart my doctor. The appointment nurse who is usually at the desk was leaving and another girl was taking over for her, and she didn't seem quite "with it". Of course, she was the one who checked me in. She had my paper in her hand and asked me if the address/phone had changed. Nope. Great! Have a seat. Alrighty then. I settled in with my copy of "Agnes Grey" and expected to be called any second. 15 minutes ticked by. Nothing. 30 minutes, time for my appointment. Nothing. An elderly lady came in with her daughter and told the receptionist she had a X:XX appointment time with my doc. They took her right in. Note: this lady's time was 20 minutes after mine. HOwever, I figured she's old and probably has some sort of serious problem that requires her to have precedence. No problem. Slightly annoyed but I wasn't upset. 20 minutes go by. 10 more minutes. I'm the only person in the waiting room. The receptionist turns off her computer and heads into the nurse's area with her coat on. What? They can't be closing. They haven't seen me yet.

Another 10 minutes goes by. It's clearly past closing time. I can see the nurse getting her purse out of the drawer, ready to leave. It's now almost an hour past my scheduled time and there hasn't been a patient in the doc's office for quite some time and yet no one has called me. By now my blood pressure is through the roof (the reason I'm there in the first place), I'm practically in tears (I do that when I get mad...go figure), and I've had enough. I put on my coat and head to the nurse's station. The receptionist is sitting there with her coat on waiting for the nurse and doc to be ready to leave. She seems mildly surprised to see me. I've got to reschedule because I can't sit here waiting any longer. Oh, we're booking into January now. Are you shitting me I feel like screaming at her. The nurse returns. Oh hi, what can we do for you. I must have looked at her as though I was going to poke out her eyes and do something nasty to her skull because the receptionist spoke up and told her what I wanted. Oh my! She exclaims. Did you check in. Yep and I looked at the receptionist. She checked me in. Really? Receptionist denies doing so. Notch up the BP a few more points why don't you lady. I remained calm but my voice waivered as I explained I'd been sitting here since X:XX, my appointment was for X:XX and I was fed up with waiting. Oh My she exclaimed again. I'm beginning to hate that phrase.

Rather than rescheduling she ushers me into one of the many empty exam rooms and sets up a portable machine. This probably isn't the best time to do this she jokes. I want to slap her. I sit there for the required amount of time, it took my BP 6 times, gave me an average and then the doc came in. My BP was high (oooh big surprise) and we joked about what happened. Honestly, he was quite good about the whole thing. Both he and the "oh my" nurse apologized repeatedly. We discussed the family history, talked about the high numbers and what to do next. Buy home monitor? Check. Copious amounts of blood work? Check. Another appointment...but apparently not until January. Check.

Maybe if I'm lucky I can schedule it for my birthday. Should I wear my birthday suit so they notice me next time? Check.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have waited for 1 1/2 hours before saying something. I'm pretty patient, but I have my limits.

Definitely wear your birthday suit next time!

Gardenia said...

Oh, I was getting really mad just reading your post. This has happened to me too - ditsy receptionists! I'll give them an hour anymore, then I raise hell. This usually only happens in Florida to me. I once gave up a doctor I loved because her office help were such assholes. 'Scuse me. This particular office would get rid of all the mothers with yelling children before calling me in - to heck with appointments!

I'm 6'2" lady, so I'm not sure not attracting attention is the problem of these ditzes. On the other hand, nudity MIGHT do the trick.

Got any low frustration tolerance friend's children you can borrow?

Wandering Coyote said...

I would have been so furious, too! And so NOT a good time to check your BP. What a tick off you can't get another appointment until Jan. I hope they have a cancellation list you can put your name on.

* (asterisk) said...

What a nightmare! How is it that these pplaces are so badly run? I can imagine how mad you must have been. I turn up early for everything (not half hour, granted), but it doesn't matter: even if you are the first appointment of the day, YOU STILL END UP WAITING! What is with that?

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