I bought new panties

Saturday, November 18, 2006
Not that anyone out there really cares but I LOVE buying new undies. They make a girl feel real purty, not to mention, just a tad bit sexy. I'll post pictures later (of the new skivvies, not of me in them...sorry to disappoint). I grabbed a couple of pairs of sexy boy shorts (the MOST comfortable type of undergarment ever invented) and ... gasp ... a thong!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I have to admit I've never worn butt-floss. You'll have to give us a report.

Anonymous said...

what barbara said

Anonymous said...

You naughty, naughty girl! I recently started going to the gym again so I had to un-retire the butt floss undies bc no matter how uncomfortable the damn things are, I'm more uncomfortable with panty lines. I think I'm retarded.

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