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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's been a chore trying to get pictures to load on blogger today but I'll do my best. Halloween went pretty well last night. A fair amount of kids (mostly teens) despite the cold and snow. Niece and nephew were out for about 45 minutes with mom and dad, and came back with quite a haul which they proceeded to share. I heart kids. Above is one of the pumpkins my brother and the kids carved and decorated on the weekend. Most of the pictures are a bit blurry...must have been my hands shaking from all that sugar!

The nephew originally wanted to use the duck costume from last year. However at the last minute he changed his mind and wanted to go as a monkey. The face looked a bit like a puppy to me, but who am I? It was the wise choice as it was fleecey and very toasty warm

Seems the mind changing was contagious. Niece originally wanted to be a cat but decided finally to be butterfly. Awwww...she's so cute. And she's even got antennae.

Nero was not happy when I told him I wasn't going to be at home for the evening. He pretended to ignore me and watch television as I tried to tell him to behave while I was gone.


Tanya said...

How cute are those kids!? And I think Nero is gorgeous. Lovely colour. The emperor who fiddled by himself as Rome went down on him. Or something like that.

Gardenia said...

What an adorable little boy. That cat, magnificent and looking appropriately ticked off as cats do.

Gardenia said...

PS Niece is a cutie too -

Wandering Coyote said...

Great pumpkin! And cute kids! I think we had a grand total of 2 trick or treaters. It was pretty cold last night. Now we have a lot of leftover candy.

Red said...

Your nephew and niece are gorgeous. I especially like the little boy's big sulky lips!

And Nero the cat... omigod! How wonderful is he? Is he part Abyssinian? Wonderful coat. Are his eyes green?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

What a bunch of cuties! I see no blurriness, but maybe that's part of my problem.

Nero is all cat, isn't he? I know that look so well.

Sniffy said...

That's the BEST cat outfit I've ever seen!

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