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Monday, November 20, 2006
My oh my how I love "cider". I haven't had a drink in months, not because I'm trying not to but just because I never think to pick up something from the liquor store. While standing with my giant box of cat litter and waiting for the bus, I turned and realized the wine store beside my stop was still open. Mmmm, I thought. I had a quick peek down the road - no buses coming. I whipped in and grabbed myself a four bottle pack of the sweetest elixir ever created. All hail the Strongbow.

I hate beer. We used to drink draft when I was in university by the pitcher full simply because it was the most economical for all of us (we were all students). We got drunk fast and still had enough to hit the drive through on the way home or order pizza. Good times. As I grew older, I slowed down and practically stopped drinking. What was the point if you weren't going to get drunk and by that point in my life, waking up hung over and smelling like vomit and tequila*** had lost it's appeal. Then I discovered Strongbow one night at Sherlock Holmes' Pub. Yes Canadians are weird and we have a lot of "traditional" pub-type establishments that try way too hard to look like authentic British/Irish/Scottish/Welsh pubs. I was hooked but not in an alcoholic sense. It also helped that my girlfriends and I were introduced to this fabulous beverage by a British rugby team that was in town for a tournament. All I remember is that they invited my friend K and I to another pub with them but our other friends wouldn't let us run off with 10 - 15 drunken English strangers. Bitches, all of them. Oh yeah, and the guy who seemed to take a fancy to my sweet ass was from a place which was spelled Middlesburough but that was certainly NOT the way he pronounced it. Yep, more good times.

Anyway, I think I am now almost officially drunk. I haven't eaten much today and according to the bottle (which is now almost gone) has an alcohol content of 5.3%. If this was beer, we'd consider it piss (sorry for the harsh language). However, it's not beer, it's cider, it is STRONGBOW and it is king.

I have also realized that the lyrics are CREOLE Lady Marmalade, not FREE YOUR Lady Marmalade. I'm disappointed - my lyrics are much better.

*** There's a funny story there involving rug burn and almost falling to my death but let's save that for later.


Wandering Coyote said...

They were drinking strongbow at the family gathering I was at two weekends ago. I didn't like it. What can I say? I'm an expensive drunk!

Candy Minx said...

I love the Strongbow too!

Great bunch of memories here.

I am just catching up on your blog, I was AWOl for a bit, but I'm back...enjoying all the your photo by the way.

Tanya said...

Excellent Mondegreen - Free your lady marmalade. I prefer your lyrics better too!

If you like cider, I recommend CROSSBOW from South Africa, as well as their Hunter's Gold and Hunter's Dry. I am sure there are a few expat shops around in Canada where you may be able to procure these.

Red said...

I am so behind on my blog reading! I'll catch up with your posts later today when things calm down (for calm down they must, it can't go on like this!!!).

Meanwhile, free your Lady Marmalade, Miss K! (I think we all prefer your take on the lyrics :D)

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