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Saturday, November 25, 2006

I'm addicted to books. I've known ift for years but it's time I finally admitted it publicly. Perhaps I've done it before but this morning it really hit home. I decided to have a look through my wish list and plan what to order next. I was somewhat surprised to realize that it had grown to over 600 books. Yikes! That's ridiculous and a tad bit excessive. It was time for action.

Two hours and a couple of pieces of pizza later, I had cut that number in half. No exaggeration at all - it took me 2HOURS to get rid of 300 BOOKS. Its a good thing there wasn't anymore pizza. Perhaps a good new years resolution this year will be to stop broswing Amazon for interesting finds.

I've also managed to do some research and made some preliminary decisions on what I'd like to do with my future. Nothing concrete yet but it could be promising.


ems said...

I decided I had to cut down the number of books I buy - a two-pronged attack. See what I can get from the local library (which also helps to keep it in 'business')and only buy from independent bookshops. It's working.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I actually don't buy a lot of books since I started using the library regularly about 15 years ago. But I do have a problem with buying cds. They don't take up quite as much space however...

Anonymous said...

I used to have so many books it was insane. My friends hated it when I moved...I sold hundreds back in the day. Now I think I own about 500. Almost everyone of them is non-fiction and research oriented. I can justify that. I have about 50 sexy hardcovers that I line up on two shelves colour sorted and displayed making me appear really hip and well-read.

But other than was a monkey on my back owning so many books. I don't keep my mystery novel paperbacks, usually share them with friends etc. I would totally consider doing a mailing book swap with my blog friends...but the cost of postage wouldn't really warrant the trades would it?

I have been wondering if you noticed the link to NYTs books last year at my will be torture for you, I am here to tease you!!

WARNING>>SPOILER FOR RED and ASTERISK don't read the following....

Hey, what about Survivor? I don't know about Johnathan, I don't trust him-I am sick of the "preppy brigade" with their perfect looks and polyamorous ways and they are so simple! me if you want abvout survivor

Gardenia said...

Gorgeous photo of books! Oh, they are hard to part with, some books. I have a "Squibb" book - interesting old remedies. Looking forward to your decisions on what you are going to do...maybe November is a turn about month for more people than me, huh?

Wandering Coyote said...

But Karen, it's a WISH LIST! Why edit it?

I am a book addict, too. I used to have a ton of books and it broke my heart when I left Ottawa and had to pare it down to a bare minimum. I still miss a lot what I left behind... I did hit a Coles sale yesterday where they were giving 50% off the lowest price. Of course I bought two cookbooks - like I need any more of those!

* (asterisk) said...

I like books a lot, but I find I don't read all that I buy. My big problem, though, is with DVDs. I just can't stop buying them. Even when I "stop buying", I still buy at least one a month.

Candy, thanks for the spolier warning, pet!

Anonymous said...

I love dvd's too. I DO collect dvds...and I would be fine FINE with once a month...but I can write a huge list right this second if I started ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Karen Check this out!

Alun said...

Library Thing also lists several book swap sites.

Karen said...

Barbara - I don't have a problem with CD's anymore. When I bought my first CD player, I went crazy. Now, not so much. I've never really been all that into music. I like what I like, regardless of whether it's hip and cool Tom Jones...remember? Plus I have a soft spot for the 80s. I don't know how you keep up with it all.

*Asterisk - don't get me started on DVD's. I had to join a 12 step program in order to break that addiction.

I used to keep all the books that I bought. However, after making my brother carry box after heavy box of them each time I moved while in university, I decided to get rid of them. THe only books I still have on my shelves are my textbooks from university (which are likely hideously out of date) and whatever books I've picked up recently and are waiting to be read.

While I understand the benefits of used books especially in regards to price, I tend to be a bit of a book snob. There's something about the feel/smell of a new, unopened book that I love. Don't get me started on what happens when I walk into a book store...

Thanks to Candy and Alun for the book trading sites - I'll definately think of doing that the next time I have some get rid of.

Sniffy said...

Books: things of great beauty and power; wonderful things to collect. Hmmmmm pizza. You can't collect pizza, unless you use greasy pizza fingers to read antique books, then your pizza will be preserved forever in their pages.

Must be painful to get rid of so many.

Are you regretting it yet? (getting rid of the books, not eating the pizza)l

Anonymous said...

Thank God my local library has a facility to order online, I am in the same boat as you Karen!
Just instead of typing I go for (sic)

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