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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
I can’t believe that I’ve gone about ½ way through this season of Survivor without blogging about it. What the heck is wrong with me? It’s a shock to you too, I’m sure! Originally I was very put off by the premise behind the beginning of the show…dividing the players along ethnic or “racial” lines. Frankly it seemed as though it would just reinforce a lot of the prejudices that run rampant out there and I was worried about what sort of reaction the viewing public would have.

The Survivors themselves, while at first a bit shocked, really didn’t seem bothered too much by the whole concept. And I suppose it goes to show that most people really are more comfortable surrounded by people who are similar – whether that means people who are of the same religion, ethnic background, sex, income bracket, or have the same interests/occupations. It was fairly obvious who the outsiders in each group were going to be from the first episode and sure enough, those people are now (with the final departure of Flicka) all banished from the island.

Flicka (a.k.a. Jessica Smith, Rollergirl and Performance Artist) was fun albeit edited (or not…) to look a bit ditzy. She truly didn’t seem to get what the game is all about, or rather, what the game has become. As with most of the recent seasons of Survivor, she was the token “alternative” girl with the tattoos. And I read recently somewhere on the web, that she (like many of the shows contestants from recent seasons) was “recruited”. They found her on a roller derby website and called her up. Hmmm, perhaps Mark Burnett and his people will read my blog and get in touch with me. I’d love to be the first real Canadian to be on Survivor.

So, what do I think so far? Well, it’s the same old stuff we’ve all seen 10 times before. There hasn’t been anything really original since probably Africa. After that, people were being chosen to be on the show who had actually seen previous seasons and knew how to “play the game”. I hate that the first thing many of the contestants do is map out their alliances practically even before they’ve hit the beach. The reward and immunity challenges are the same standard fare as always, the only differences being the settings or some minor “twist” depending on the location and local history (pirates, volcanoes, cannibals…). What ever happened to the gross food challenges? Does anyon remember the spinning wheel of food from Africa (I think that’s where it was)? There were bugs, spiders, animal innards, and a lone piece of chocolate. That was the season with the vegetarian girl who didn’t want to eat the bugs but ended up doing it in the end. Gooooood Times. And whatever happened to luxury items? I enjoyed seeing what stupid stuff people brought with them…

Beginning with the last season, they started sending people off to “exile island” to spend a few days/nights alone. Me likey. And the hidden immunity idol. Me likey that too. Mixing up the tribes and kidnapping players is also enjoyable to see. I remember a few seasons back when contestants started knowing pretty much exactly what day the two tribes would merge. Can you say predictable? However, they mixed that up for one season too and it added a nice twist.

Now the question becomes, who do I think will win. I have no idea. Chances are the people who are the strongest right now (Ozzy, Yul, Jonathan, Adam) will be voted out very quickly. I remember back when I worked at the insurance place, I used to run a Survivor Pool. Goooooood times. Until of course, people started cheating by looking on the internet and things got very complicated (my fault for having too many things to do each week). I think though, I may have to resurrect it … ooops, I digress (I also noticed recently that I’m the queen of the dot dot dot – is this annoying to people…?). So, who do I think will win? Before the show started, I would have said Cao-boi. He seemed pretty nifty. Then, after the first episode, I realized he was just annoying. Yul has a good shot as does Ozzy but they’re both too strong of competitors to last long after the merge. Ozzy will likely last a little longer but not much. Those two are going to have to win individual immunities once they merge in order to survive. I’d love to see Jonathan win. He’s my fave (could be the eyes….sigh). I like how even his own alliance seems to want to vote him off…for his sake I hope they merge soon! Did anyone else know he was not only a writer but an actor as well? He’s been in Seinfeld, CSI, and some other TV stuff along with a couple of movies. Sundra is also an actress. What ever happened to regular average people like Tom, Sue Hawk, Coby, Rupert, and Shii Ann? Heck even Tina who I hated was a regular person. Ooops, there I go again! Ok, here’s my pick for the final four: I can’t pick. There are two many of the women who could easily slip into the final four after making some female alliance and tossing out all the men. I’m sure Parvati (who I’d like to bitch slap) will make the final four. Nate stands an outside chance as well. Adam might also squeak through. He’s not a swimming powerhouse like Ozzy or Yul, and he’s not seemingly devious like everyone thinks poor Jonathan is. It’s going to be a tough call. We’ll see how things progress next week.

Until next time maties…Capt DotDotDot signing off!


* (asterisk) said...

Can't read this post! We don't get this show in the UK, but for years some friends have been watching on tapes sent from Australia. Our connection there has been a bit haphazard of late, so we struck a deal with the wonderful Candy Minx: she sends us Survivor and other bits of cool TV, and we send her cool stuff from Brit TV. It's working great, but I don't like knowing what's coming up, so I'm gonna skip this one until later, Karen.

Red said...

Hi Karen... what * just said! Don't wanna find out anything ahead of our getting the vids, so I'm gonna have to skip this post... and the one after that, I'm afraid!

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