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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
The Crew this season

Jonathan Penner - my fave this season. And NO! I did NOT put the cutesy little heart around him...I found the picture over at Queen Kathleen's Courtyard. She put the heart on the pic...I would just have posted the plain pic and then put a *sigh* beside it. He's quite handsome. But that's not why he's my favourite. I like that he's devious but not in a completely obvious way like Richard Hatch, Rob Mariano or Johnny Fairplay.


Krista said...

Eeeeeeew. Jonathan. Totally not my favourite. I LOVED Johnny Fairplay, though. LOVED!! Among my favourite Castaways of all time, I'd say.

Candy Minx said...

I like him favourite this season...the make-up artist, I forgot her name sorry, and Yul. I am not crazy about Becky though, she is too much of a princess...but since we've hardly heard her say two words I suspect she'll be in final 3. Survivor usually edits the major contenders out of the first several shows, hardly showcases them....

Candace has turned out to be a very good sport, when she lost the fishing gear, I was sick of her. Isn't it uncanny how Johnathan sounds exactly like Hawkeye-Alan Alda...they must have come from the exact same neighbourhood because they are identical sounding.

I am looking forward to tonights show!

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