Thong Swan Song

Monday, November 20, 2006
Well, today’s choice of undergarment was the newly purchased black thong with red ribbon laced on the sides. Plain but pretty. I’ve purchased about 5 or 6 different thongs in the past and had no luck with them. They always manage to weasel their way into annoying areas or lacey bits scratch somewhere sensitive. All that has changed. I’m in love with the new thong. Sure at first there was the feeling that I was going completely commando but once that passed, it was very comfortable. I feel sexy, saucy, and slightly sassy. And I was wrong about grabbing the wrong size. Thongs, I believe, are actually meant to sit in a slightly different way than regular underwear. Very comfy, no scratchy bits and I don’t have the constant urge to pick it out of my butt.

While listening to the radio today at work, they played Tom Jones’ version of KISS. Now, I LOVE Tom Jones. Not in any sort of sexual sense, ick. He’s slightly creepy with the open shirts, copious amounts of chest hair, gold chains and tight TIGHT pants. Sleazy almost. However, he’s got that voice that just makes you want to melt. God, if I could find a man who could and would sing to me like that… hold on….I need a moment alone… Whew! Sorry, I’m back from fantasy land now. TJ came to town a few years ago and played at the Jubilee. I desperately wanted to go but tickets were quite expensive and the only ones available at the time were way up in the nosebleeds. If I’m not close enough to throw my new thong and a bra at him along with all the grannies in the front row, then it’s not worth it. Anyways, I’ve digressed once again. KISS is a good song. It’s catchy, sexy and fun and while Tom does a fairly decent job, it just doesn’t match up to the Prince version. Now THAT was sexy (and no, I’m not a Prince fan). Judge for yourself.
People think I’m weird for enjoying Tom Jones. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a sexy voice. There’s something timeless about his songs. And he had that sexy swivel down long before Elvis and of course, does it much better than Presley ever did in my opinion. On a strange note, I was flipping through the channels a few years ago and discovered a Tom Jones Variety show playing at 5 in the morning. I must admit that I prefer listening to him without the benefit of the visual. All he was missing was a disco ball and red velvet curtains. Check out his sexy moves below...makes you wonder what the heck is going on in those pants of his? FYI - I take all my killer dance moves from Tom.

Yesterday was Grey Cup Sunday. Did I care? Not so much. Did anyone care? Not so much. Was it a good game? Not so much. BC Lions vs. Montreal Alouettes. It was boring. There was no team I could cheer for. Even with Montreal being the underdogs, I couldn’t cheer for them. It’s Montreal for Pete’s sake. My mother would have killed me (she’s a diehard Argo girl). The Lions won. That’s all.

The Christmas shopping is just about finished. Only one more thing to pick up for my neice (apparently she loves bath bombs) and a small treat for my sister in law. I also have to get something for my mom’s birthday but I haven’t quite decided what to get her – it’ll depend on what my brother decides he’s going to get her. There’s also a couple of gifts for out-of-town friends but it’s still a bit soon to send those off. My Christmas Cards were addressed last night and I’m trying desperately to wait until the end of the month to send them off. Part of me however wants to drop them in the mailbox right now!!!! J Am I really as pathetic as I sound?


Sniffy said...

Stop trying to defend thongs, they're hideous.

I like a few Tom Jones tracks too. It's not unusual, you know.

Ho. ho, ho!

Way too early to have finished Christmas shopping! I've been going into town to get a few ideas for things, but I'm going to wait a couple of weeks yet, so that when I do go, it makes me feel nice and festive. Got my internet purchases sorted though.

Karen said...

I generally detest the thong especially when it's sticking up out of the low riding jeans of some skinny cow with more boobs than brains. However, the lacey ribbon bits caught my eye and I figured I'd give it one last go. It's very saucy :)

Hee hee, you're funny! Not unusual indeed.

Well I haven't actually finished the shopping but essentially I know exactly what I have left to get, and where I have to go to get it. There are a few internet gift certificates to purchase for blogging buddies and out of town friends but those will be done with just days to spare before the jolly fat man shows himself.

Anonymous said...

Probably best if i don't weigh in on the thong stuff.....but....nope....shutting up now

You can't be done christmas never asked for my list

Shep said...

It's a measure of how superficial I am that I check back every often thinking...

"Cool! Another thong/underwear related post!"

Dear oh dear.

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