Who wants to be Prime Minister?

Thursday, November 30, 2006
According to CNN, four former Canadian prime ministers will be acting as the judges on a reality television program where the winner will receive a cash prize and paid internships in both government and corporate organizations. Say what? Is this what Canadian politics has come to?

Let’s look at who they’ve chosen as the judges.

Brian Mulroney – probably the most hated PM in Canadian history. He gave us the much despised Goods and Services Tax (“GST”). He was PM while I was growing up in the 80s. Much of what I remember from his tenure as PM included t-shirts and bumper stickers showing a hand giving the sign for “F-YOU” and the slogan “Tax this Brian”. That’s about it.

John Turner, Joe Clark, and Kim Campbell – Campbell at least has the distinction of being the first and only female Prime Minister Canada has ever had. However, I doubt that if you combined the length of time these former leaders were in office, you still wouldn’t have a full term. Did they even last a combined 6 months? And was John Turner ever PM? According to Wikipedia, apparently he was - here are their terms:

Joe Clark: June 4, 1979 - March 3, 1980 (9 months)
John Turner: June 30 – Sept 17, 1984 (2 ½ months)
Kim Campbell: June 25 – November 4, 1993 (4 ½ months)

If my goal was to enter politics and eventually become the leader of Canada, I certainly wouldn’t be taking advice from these four saps. At least Rick Mercer is hosting the 1 hour special. Should be good for a laugh or two.

I find it interesting that one of the show’s big sponsors is Magna International. It’s owned by Frank Stronach…father of…yep. You guessed it, Belinda herself. Now there’s another person I certainly wouldn’t take political career advice from. Switching parties and crossing the floor of the House of Commons is not how to endear yourself to the voters.

Sure, I’ll probably tune in just to see Rick Mercer make fun of all the former PM’s but this is certainly not going to have an impact on our political future. My recommendation, unless you care to see what’s become of our nation’s former leaders, give it a pass.


Tanya said...

Everything has become a reality TV show these days.

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