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Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'm done with 2006. It's over, well almost. But I'm definately looking forward to the New Year. Don't get me wrong, the past year was not "bad" in the true sense of the word but it wasn't my favourite. I'm definately been sick more often over the course of the past almost 12 months than I have been in a while. Perhaps it's the building I'm working in (I'm sure it's filled with asbestos along with a constant group of sickies), or the extra time spent with the niece and nephew who pick up everything from the other kids in their daycare.

The past couple of days have been spent wrapped up in warm flannel jammies, cats by my side, knitting, watching television, taking hot mentholated baths and sucking back orange juice like it's going out of style. Does anyone else get bored when they're sick? I'm not a "napper" usually, even when I'm not well so I've watched a LOT of daytime television. I'd like to say that I officially hate daytime television. There's nothing on and I feel as though my brain cells are slowly disintegrating. Thank goodness for books - I've made some good progress on the giant stack that's accumulating beside my bed.

So onto 2007! It will be a healthier year for me and I'm making a conscious decision to do "stuff". Rather than make the standard resolutions which I never end up keeping - giving up pop, exercising more, eating healthier... I decided to tacke my list of things I want to do before I die. Step one, I've got an interview for a part time job on Saturday (fingers crossed - throat better!). It's a gas station but it's only 2 blocks away from home and the extra money will help pay off my credit card. This in turn will get me one step closer to being able to accomplish some of the things on my "To Do" list. There are 5 things I plan on crossing off of my list over the course of the next twelve months:

# 22 - Walking half marathon (August)
# 23 - Read War and Peace
# 34 - Buy a corset
# 44 - Karaoke (something by Tom Jones I think...)
# 47 - Learn to Juggle

The juggling thing shouldn't be too difficult but I'm imposing the one-minute rule on myself. I have to be able to juggle continuously for 60 seconds straight. Only three balls, nothing fancy but it has to be continuous.
I've mentioned the marathon before - already registered. My aunt is still coming although she will be moving to California sometime during the spring. FYI, I'm raising money for the Stollery Children's Hospital which is the charity associated with the marathon. If you'd like to help the hospital, you can donate HERE.
War and Peace - it's my white whale.
Corset - there's something slightly naughty about a corset and I've wanted one for years but figured I was always a bit too big. Not so, apparently. I'm a bit afraid how my breasts are going to look in one, it might be a bit overwhelming for some people but there's a place just up the road which custom makes them. Sure a bit expensive but definately worth it. I'm going to pay them a visit next month.
Karaoke - not a big deal for many people. But those are people that can sing. I sound like a cat being run through a blender, and that's on a good day. I also have a huge fear of being humiliated in public so this is going to be extra difficult. However, it's all about pushing the envelope and taking risks right? I was thinking of doing a Tom Jones song ('natch) but if anyone else out there has any suggestions for other appropriate songs to try out...


Anonymous said...

little kids, aka "liitle bags of bugs" sure do seem to pick things up and take great strides to pass them on.

the half marathon should be easy if start preparing now, (not to make light of the difficulty, but you are giving yourself time to prepare) I know there are programs that help you prepare by giving you a guide of what to do week by week

if you get the juggling accomplished to quick you can always become a busker to raise extra money

Although I'm tempted to say...oh lucky us you're going to model your corset for us right?....i'll keep quiet on that

I think Tom Jones is a good choice...very cheesy, should be hoot

Good luck to you...i think its great to have goals for the year like that

Wandering Coyote said...

Well, I certainly hope to have a better year, too. Your list is great; nothing too off the wall or particularly difficult. Though I'd have a hard time with War and Peace myself.

Happy 2007, Karen!!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I think you'd do well with Tom Jones as well and with any luck, somebody will hurl their underpants at you!

You know, I've never tried Karaoke either, and I like to sing.

ems said...

I hope the job comes off to help you out.

The marathon is a great idea - my partner runs them I just watch. I have said numerous times I could walk them but not run. Perhaps I should put my money where my mouth is.

I've never been tempted by War and Peace. Let me know at then end if I should bother!

Made to measure corset. Beautiful.

Karaoke - go to a bar you don't know and drink lots!

My brother is an expert juggler and I just cannot do it. Haven't got the patience.

Have fun trying!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, sister. 2006 had its moments (*cough* Stanley Cup *cough*) but I'm 'bout ready for next year. The last couple of weeks in particular have kinda sucked whale.

Here's to this long December wrapping up and here's to kicking ass and taking names in 2007.

greatwhitebear said...

I am betting you are gonna look faublous in your corset (and so will the "girls")! Can we expect pics? Enquiring minds will want to know!

Oh wait, your in Canada. Will you get the enquiring minds joke? Or do I just sound like a typical male pig?

Okay, even if you get the joke, I probably sound like a typical male pig. Sigh... I guess the secrets out!

greatwhitebear said...

btw, I am voting for V2941. Nothing quite like red vinyl!

* (asterisk) said...

These are my karaoke favourites, chosen because they are fairly straightforward to sing.

"Suspicious Minds" by Elvis
"Daniel" by Elton John
"Stand & Deliver" by Adam & the Ants.

If I am at a karaoke, you can almost guarantee I will sing at least these three songs. Later I might also move on to Blink 182, Backstreet Boys, Barry Manilow, The Monkees, and Frank Sinatra, depending on how big our party is, and how drunk I've got.

Anonymous said...

Heh. I've been thinking about the books that are my white whales. 'From Dawn to Decadence' has been taunting me for years. 2007 will be the year.

I'm so, so done with 2006. There were moments of absolute crap, when I didn't think things could be any crappier and then they turned around and became more craptastic. But there were good things, too.

I want 2007 to be tremendously good. For both of us!

Tanya said...

Oooh! Buy a corset! Highly recommended. I got one to wear at my wedding. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Be a while before I can afford another. *sigh* GO GIRL! Happy 2007!

Red said...

God, I'm so behind on my reading. There's so much new stuff on your blog!

My favourite karaoke song, bearing in mind that I don't make a habit of singing in public places, since I hate my voice and I embarrass easily, is Backstreet's Back by the Backstreet Boys, which I have done twice now (not on my own, though, but with the help of my very own backing boy band). But just going up there was quite the achievement for me. Hope you manage to overcome your fears and go ahead and do it! I look forward to reading all about it!

And to reading about the corset too!

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