Monday, December 18, 2006
We've all had some pretty weird searches that have brought people to our blogs. I tend to get a lot of people who really REALLY like Miniwheats cereal or are interested in buying new panties. I had a little peak at my stat counter today and discovered one search that has me feeling very uncomfortable. Someone from Hays, Kansas has been directed to my blog after entering a Yahoo search for "******************". Now there are certainly no pictures even remotely close to this on my blog and this bothers me a great deal. Not only because Yahoo is sending them to me but the fact that someone actually put that sort of thing into a search engine and is looking for it. It's disgusting and I'm not sure if I should do anything. Is this something our local police would want to be informed about? I'm pretty sure they have staff dedicated to internet stalking/child porn rings. Any suggestions?
EDIT: I've removed the specific search that the individual in question used as I've noticed I'm now getting a number of hits with a referring URL of "Not your business".


Tanya said...

What a sick, twisted fuck!

I wonder if there were just more paedophiles in the world than we knew about and the internet drew them out, or that there were people who grew curious about it after it has received so much media attention.

Anonymous said...

does your stat counter give ip address or other info?

i think there is asome sort of rCMP task force on that stuff...i could be wrong. It is sad and sickening to see that I am amazed at wehat some people will sink to

one thing i wonder is why would anybody do a search for miniwheats?

Karen said...

The stat counter does give the IP address - I contacted the police dept in Kansas and they're dealing with it.

Miniwheats are very good. And the vanilla miniwheats commercial was so groovy.

CPE said...

There are actually plenty of nude pictures of 12 year old girls on the Internet... and some of them are even legal (in the USA at least). It's amazing how many cops, ministers, politicians and so on are interested in looking at such pictures...

* (asterisk) said...

That's very interesting. And more than a little spooky. But what CPE says is right, isn't it? Are there not still some states in the US where you can marry 12-year-olds? Y'see, until you fix that, you've got something of a quandary on yer hands, Mr Bush...

Sniffy said...

My suggestion is that everybody who has a blog, has those exact words somewhere on their site. That way, all those sick bastards who search for that stuff will just come across inocuous blogs instead and they won't be able to find what they're really after in the sea of innocent blogs.

You're not alone in having some people come by you after searching for the oddest things.

CPE said...


Do you think most of the people searching for "that stuff" are slimy old men in trench coats?

In reality, most are fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, etc. I read a lot of news stories about people arrested on child porn offenses. One thing that stands out after reading many dozens of such stories is the comments of the neighbors, friends, and co-workers of those arrested. So often they say things like "I can't believe this. I'm so shocked. He was just a wonderful person."

Though the subject of erotic attraction to children has become one of the great taboos, there are simply an enormous number of people with this interest. Calling these people "sick bastards" does nothing to help these fathers, husbands, sons, and brothers to find a positive way to deal with their attraction.


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