Drats! Foiled again!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006
For the past few months, one of my coworkers and I have been having ourselves a little cribbage tournament. It ends on Friday, our last day of work before the holidays. I lost again today. Despite skunking the poor guy three different times, I'm only leading by two games. Now, if I was a mean person, I would tell him that I'm far too busy to play for the next few days and just give him one more game on Friday. Even if I lose, as long as he doesn't skunk me, I will win. Did I mention that I'm highly competitive? It's a sickness really. However, I was rasied to be a "good girl" and will therefore ensure we get in at least one go round the board each day this week.

It's all those years of being decimated when playing against my father. I don't think I won a single game against him. He's very good at cribbage. Not as good as his brother, Roy, but still quite a fine player. Cards were a big deal in my father's family when I was growing up. Visiting my grandparents in Saint John, we would spend the evenings watching the adults sit around the enormous dining room table playing Canasta. It would go on for hours. Must be where I get it from.

One noncard game my brother and I thought we would surely win was Donkey Kong. One year, the kids chipped in and bought my grandparents an Atari console (yes, it was a few years ago...) and it came with one game - Donkey Kong. We challenged my Nana to a game. Without going into details, she handed us our asses on a plate. Years later, my father would become the same way with Dr. Mario on his Nintendo. Competitive? Us? Nope, never.

UPDATE: We had another game after lunch and I smoked him. Half way around the board, I slammed him with a 24 count hand. The very next deal? 21 . Oh yes, I skunked him. Karen leads by a count of four with only two days left.


candyminx said...

Way to go, your title is redeemed! Congrats!!!

I love crib!!!

Hey is there an online crib site. I'll take ya on if there is!!!

Mister Anchovy and I used to play a little crib.

Sniffy said...

Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm having flashbacks to wupping the natives at their own game!

Anonymous said...

haa haa haa...little bit cocky now "Miss Crib Queen"

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yes! You will reign supreme at year end, I just know it. Hell you've got the genes obviously.

Anonymous said...

I'll try posting the comment again...we should play a game or three online!

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