Election Saturday

Saturday, December 02, 2006
It's a busy day here in Alberta as regards politics. Tonight is the 2nd vote in the Progressive Conservative leadership election. They should have a new leader and we should have a new Premier by tomorrow morning. While I'm not a PC supporter, I'm not pleased with any of the leading candidates although I suppose if I had to choose between any of them, I'd have to go for Dinning...or maybe Stelmach...certainly not Morton. I could have purchased a party membership for $5 and cast a vote but I don't want to give them my money.

Federally, the Liberal party is chosing a new leader as well. Things are getting quite interesting. I'm not a Liberal supporter (usually) either but it's getting exciting. I would have liked to see Gerrard Kennedy take it but he finished 4th (by 2 votes) in the first vote. They're about to announce the results of the 2nd vote any minute now and it seems as though Dion and Kennedy have struck some sort of deal. Ignatieff and Rae have suddenly started schmoozing each other (they're currently 1st and 2nd respectively). Could they have a deal about to happen as well? I'm frightened. Please please please, don't let Rae take the lead. Then we'd have Stephen Harper and Bob Rae as the leaders of the two most prominent parties in the country. I think that would be bad news personally for Canada's future.

What an odd way to spend my morning. I'm not really political, although since I am employed by government (federal? local? provincial? I'm not going to tell....) I do tend to follow what's going on. I could be watching the Bolton v. Reading game (Reading's currently leading 1-0) but no. I'm watching the goings on of the Liberal convention. Has my life really come to this?

Castro didn't attend his birthday celebrations today. Not that I expected he would. I have a feeling he is much worse off than the official Cuban government media are letting on. You can just bet the US has their troops ready to jump on a boat/plane and are waiting for the news that he's dead. Bad news for Cuba. Or is it? Hard to say.

To help pass the time while waiting for the election results, I'm knitting furiously. Along with a couple of Christmas presents that aren't quite done, I'm working on a a mitten/hat/scarf combo for fellow bloggers Tanya and Kate somewhere over in England. Check out what they're "suppopsed" to look like HERE. Aren't these the greatest looking mitts ever? I changed the pattern slightly on the palms (no year) and the cuff (one colour). Also, I made a boo boo reading the pattern and switched the colours around. Oh well, they're still awesome. As soon as I'm done, I will post a pic if Blogger if ever stops having problems.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

You just summed up my feelings about the PC leadership precisely. I keep thinking "be careful what you wish for" (that Ralph Klein would leave) because compared to Morton, he now looks like a harmless buffoon.

* (asterisk) said...

Cute gloves. Has Blogger been acting up? I've been offline a couple of days.

Tanya said...

Thanks Karen! And for the record... Kate will have to be a very good girl if she wants to see the scarf!!!!! I have the full intention of wearing the scarf with the hat and mittens in a matching set!

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