The feeling has passed

Monday, December 04, 2006
I'm feeling a bit better - the best big brother in the whole world picked me up from work, took me to the grocery store, and then home. Sure I had to put up with his rants about people not wiping the snow off of their cars but it's a small price to pay. I also gave myself a pedicure which helped. I should really shave my legs more often... The colour I chose for my nails this time around? A dark red-black called "Vixen". Yep, I'm feeling saucy.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm glad you were able to end your day decently. Very smart of you to pamper yourself a bit. Hope tomorrow's better.

Red said...

Pictures of your freshly painted toes, please! Vixen sounds good...

Anonymous said...

That was an hilarious video thanks how cute!!!

Um, yes, so important when we feel down to change the checmistry of our entire day and attitude. By taking care of ourselves.

Now you are need to get some social exposure. you need to find someone to go out for a coffee with and look at sexy others.

Also, why don't you find some agency and sdo some volunteerr work, I know you have with breast cancer go and find another cause...because you might meet someone fantastic in sucha situation!!!

if only to make new friends but also, what if there is some guy, lonely reaching out to his community and doing some service...and you find him sexy.

Come one girl, I want to hear about you going on a date!!

You don't have to fall in love, but you should be out there...if only to have a conversation and get "exposure"


Anonymous said...


find some voluteer situation at the university. I know you like brainaic men...maybe ther eis some project going on in the university that needs a volunteer. I have a friend who used to find all kinds of programs like that.


Sniffy said...

My pet gripe is drivers who don't put their lights on when it's dark. Thick bastards should face public execution... along with sat nav numpties (there's probably a direct correlation between the two).


Cake is in the oven.

Sniffy said...

... Satellite radio is cool though, Connie in Vernon has it. We won't get it in europe until about 2010.

Anonymous said...

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