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Monday, December 11, 2006
I had no idea who this person was so I had to consult my best friend, Google. Here's what "the Goog" had to say. It turns out she and I have an astonishing number of things in common! According to Wikipedia:

Julia Verlyn (Judy) LaMarsh, PC, OC (December 20, 1924 – October 27, 1980) was a Canadian politician, author and broadcaster.

LaMarsh was born in Chatham, Ontario and raised in Niagara Falls.
I lived in Chatham, New Brunswick and my parents had honeymooned in Niagra falls.

She enlisted in the Canadian Women’s Army Corps.
My grandmother was a CWAC.

After the war, she attended the University of Toronto's Victoria College, and Osgoode Hall, where she was trained as a lawyer.
I attended university and later worked with lawyers.

Sitting as a Liberal Member of Parliament (MP) for Niagara Falls, she joined the Canadian Cabinet after the Liberals defeated the Progressive Conservative government of John George Diefenbaker in the 1963 election.
I've been known to vote liberal on occasion and I think Diefenbaker is a very nifty name, especially for a dog.

LaMarsh served as Minister of National Health and Welfare and Minister of Amateur Sport from 1963 to 1965, and as Secretary of State for Canada from 1965 to 1968.
I have an Alberta Health Care card, played various amateur sports during my childhood, and currently work as a glorified secretary.

Her period as Minister of National Health and Welfare coincided with the introduction of the Canada Pension Plan.
I pay into the Canada Pension Plan.

LaMarsh worked as a broadcaster including a stint for CBC Radio.
I listen to CBC Radio.

Apparently she did not like Trudeau.
I thought he was groovy.

She died of cancer in 1980, aged 55.
My father had cancer, and is a Cancer. However, he is no longer 55.

Wow, I feel as though I've read my own biography. Surreal. Candy, I hope this was the right Judy LaMarsh...


Anonymous said...

wow, the coincedences are spooky, maybe you should enter politics

Anonymous said...

I'm getting "who Killed the electric car" for xmas, just saw your review of it. Hey you should stop by MY blog some time and do a little commentin!

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