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Monday, December 11, 2006
This morning I received my newsletter from the Soren Larsen based out of New Zealand. I need to find a part time job. However, I don’t think I’ll be going anytime soon and not just because of my lack of funds. When researching trips, the Picton Castle was one of the ships I had considered. Laura Gainey, daughter of hockey legend Bob Gainey, was washed overboard on Friday by a rogue wave just off the coast of Cape Cod. Gainey was a volunteer aboard the tall ship Picton Castle. As of this morning, she has not yet been found. Considering the water temperature and the length of time she has been missing, I doubt she will be found alive, if at all

A coworker pointed out that Pinochet died on International Human Rights day.

I managed to finish the latest attempt at the “Pirate Mitten”. It did not go well, again. While the width is adequate, it’s not long enough for my liking. I think I will give up on them for a while. I’m not getting any satisfaction whatsoever. Good thing I’m talking about mittens…

Like Tanya over at Start Wearing Purple, I’m having problems thinking about what to write about. If you have suggestions for her, perhaps some of our mutual readers have some suggestions for me?
I've also noticed that I've got a couple of "fans" from Montrose, Scotland. Where is Montrose???


Anonymous said...

Isn't that wonderful that that bastard Pinochet die on such a day for human rights. Yah karma and justice!

I am sorry to hear about your pirate mitten escapade. I love the idea and was hoping to buy a pair from you, rats. Well take a break and see how it goes next time. Is there like a therapy knitting person you could ask help from? Like Doctor Mitten or something?

What can you write about? Hm...let's see do I have a request?

I'd like to hear about Judy LaMarsh or to hear about wolves up near you.

I once went to a lecture on wolves, in 2002, in Banff...and it was so interesting. The park has many wolves, but of course they leave the park boundaries and often like to walk on railroad tracks and highways because the snow doesn't get caught in their paws.

My request is Judy LaMarsh or any wolf tidbits you might have about your surrounding area.


Anonymous said...

do you mean she should right about the 4 legged or 2 legged wolves?

Gardenia said...

Well, I'm glad you did not get on Picton Castle. Although I had a friend who went to New Zealand. She said it was the most beautiful place she had ever seen on the earth. Can you fly? What I mean is on an airplane. :)

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