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Tuesday, December 19, 2006
I spoke with one of the officers from the Hays police department at work this morning and we went through, step by step, what happenend, how I came across the information, etc. Stupid me, I used my work computer to follow along with him as he was following my instructions (I'm a visual person, what can I say?). Part way through, I realized that we had both opened up the offending search results to see where the link to my website came up. Not a smart move considering where I was and who I work for. As a result, I've had to inform my boss and the head of our IT department in case someone realizes what we were "searching" for on my work computer and decides that I should be fired. To save my bacon, the police officer in question did provide me with his contact information in case anyone tries to hand me a pink slip (he did clarify that it was good for today only - should I decide to open this search again he can't help me get out of jail for free).

Upon his recommendation, I have also contacted the Northern Alberta I.C.E. team (through the EPS) regarding what has happened and provided them with the investigating officer's name and number as well as a copy of my original email. Despite working for the RCMP one summer, I'm not comfortable around the police - I tend to feel quite intimidated. When I received my one and only speeding ticket, I was on the verge of tears as the officer yelled at me. Sure it was my fault - I was speeding and I didn't have my licence with me (dumbass) but did he have to yell? It certainly didn't help that my roommate was in the car with me laughing herself silly.

Regardless, kudos to the Hays, Kansas police department for their quick responses and actions regarding this matter.
I've turned off the comment option for this post - I appreciate the comments everyone made for the earlier posts regarding this but I'd almost prefer this just go away. I'll not be blogging about it again unless I hear something substantial from the police again (and it doesn't jeopardize their investigation) or they send me a plane ticket to jet off to the wonderful state of Kansas to testify against someone. that'll happen (jesus, I hope not). If you want to send me your thoughts on it, feel free to email me - you know how to reach me.
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