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Monday, December 04, 2006
I’m in a bad mood today. It started with the early morning wake up call (see previous post) and got worse from there. Scratch that, I can’t really blame it on the cat – I’m getting used to it by now. It also doesn’t help that my breasts are killing me. Ow ow ow. Sure we all have moments when they’re sensitive but I had trouble putting on a bra this morning. Once I got it on, it hurt like a MoFo. Ok, maybe not quite that bad but you ladies out there understand. However, it hurt more to not wear one so I suffered through it.

My first bus was late this morning. It still hadn’t shown up by the time my back up bus arrived – also late. 10 minutes late. As my fellow commuters can tell you, this is not good when you have to make a connection. Needless to say I was going to miss my next bus. I have a few complaints I’d like to air regarding my fellow bus patrons.

To the lady who stuck her ass in my face for 6 blocks – you’re not my type. And try bathing.

To the kid with the MP3 player turned up so loud we could have held a rave on the bus – turn it down or next time I see you on local transit, I’m going to pull it out of your ears and shove it up your ass.

To all of those people who feel the need to bring everything they own on the bus – have some consideration for your fellow passengers, especially in the winter when it’s much more crowded. This morning I was hit in the head with more book bags, lunch bags, messenger bags, and purses than I care to count. If you feel the need to load yourself down with one of each of these and then board the bus, kindly provide your fellow commuters with Tylenol for the pain and Valium for the stress.

I showed up at work in a right foul mood as you would expect. God forbid though that I’M in a bad mood. Me … the pretty pot of perpetual perkiness. FYI to my coworkers. I’m allowed to feel bad. I’m entitled to be angry, sad, or just plain pissed off. I’m not responsible for making YOUR day one filled with joy and mirth. My name’s not Santa Clause and I’m not going to give you presents. I’m human and I have feelings other than Happy Happy Joy Joy although I know most days it seems that way. If I want to break down in tears at my desk just back away slowly and let me do so. Please don’t try and cheer me up. I'm also tired of trying to make all of you happy. You ask me to organize lunches out, parties, get togethers, lotto pools and Christmas functions but everyone's always got to have it their way or they threaten not to attend or take part. Fine. Do it yourselves. I'm fed up and had enough. I can't make everyone happy all the time. Why is it that it seems I'm the only one that ever seems to compromise when it comes to these things?


* (asterisk) said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy reminds me of Ren & Stimpy. Hope you're soon feeling more chipper.

Sniffy said...

Your breasts are hurting. Does this mean that you're feeling slightly luteal at the moment?

Anonymous said...

Aw, what a shitty way to start the week.

I hope you have a very good bus ride home, and something yummy to eat for din din and to watch on tv. A bubble bath? How about a bubble bath.

I got hooked on PMS MIdol, I think they put some kind of prozac in there too, it rocks!

Tanya said...

AMEN, Sistah, AMEN!

Totally relate. Some lavender essential oils in a nice hot bath, a slab of choc, candlelight and perhaps a cigarette - herbal or non, your preference. That's Dr T's advice.

Gardenia said...

I dunno why! But you gotta right to be mad - those who take on making the workplace happy with parties, etc., always get taken advantage of and no one appreciates them until they are GONE.

Also I think it is marvelous to take all that estrogen or whatever powers those days and then just thoroughly enjoy being nasty. Eh eh. But only to those who insist that you sniff their butts, pay for their parties, bump your space with their items, etc!

Then when you are done - ahhhh, maybe a massage, ze looooooooong bath, or chocolates or some other wonderfully self-pampering thang.

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