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Friday, December 22, 2006

A Slice of toast please
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Throwing this in for a bit of a laugh considering today is the last day for most of us working slobs before the holidays begins - it’s always a good idea to start your day with healthy breakfast. Hmmm, most nutritionists would recommend you choose products made with whole grains but if white bread’s all you’ve got… The picture was found on (offbeat images) and is from APP/Getty Images.

Tough to say who’s going to win this bitchy battle. This has to be the stupidest fight in the world and I’d have to lay the blame on Trump (not to be confused with this Trump – I’m sure she has much better hair). The Donald recently held a big press conference to say “You’re NOT fired” to the current Miss America. I know, I know, we’re all asking ourselves the same thing…who the heck cares. Well apparently Donald and the 21 year old blonde in question care, so much in fact she was in tears at one point. My goodness. Rosie, who took over Meredith Viera’s spot on the View earlier this year, decided to make fun of it on the show the other day. She even flipped her hair over to achieve the one of a kind comb-over that Trump is always sporting. Just a bit of advice Donald, get a toupee, people would make fun of you a lot less. Rosie ended her quite funny impersonation by telling him to sit and spin, laughing at how a man who’s cheated on two of his wives and had a number of children with each of them is supposedly now the moral compass for 21 year olds in America (she also mentioned something about him going bankrupt a couple of times but I cannot confirm this bit of information).

Now, people are always making fun of Trump and he’s usually laughed it off, not making a big deal out of the many jokes at his expense. However, he didn’t let this one go. He’s even threatening to sue her. I’m not completely surprised. Considering some of his actions in the past, someone was bound to push his buttons one too often. What really riles me about this whole thing is his reaction to Rosie. He called her fat and ugly. And he’s threatening to steal her girlfriend/partner away from her (probably not likely given the fact that you’re not her type and you have that…thing….on your head). For a man who’s managed to make billions of dollars, this is the best he can come up with? Sure, Rosie’s no supermodel, either in size or in looks. However, she’s hardly hideous nor is she a blimp. And the fact that she looks like the majority of people in America is part of her appeal. Viewers see her and realize that it’s ok to not be part of the unattainable, unrealistic cookie cutter image the media wants us all to be. She’s smart, witty, funny and …. oh …. wait …. she’s a she, a woman, a gay woman. She's also very opinionated and not afraid to speak her mind - something a lot of men find very intimidating. Could it be that the Donald is feeling a bit emasculated? I get the distinct impression that if Rosie were younger, thinner, prettier, straighter or a man, this wouldn’t be an issue. She was clearly having a laugh at his expense (not something new for either of them) but he’s gone too far with this one. Shame on you Donald. I wish someone could tell you “YOU’RE FIRED”.

In other news, Japanese researchers have managed to capture a giant squid on video – it’s believed this is the first time this has happened. You can check out part of the video HERE. Now, y’all know how much I love the ocean and I can’t wait to one day get back to my maritime roots. However, creepy, crawly slimy things the size of a car with lots of tentacles that could swallow me whole … well, that’s just not a good thing. I have a terrible fear of drowning but being eaten by one of these things ranks right up there to death by tarantula or being buried alive in my books. Perhaps I should reconsider staying on land. Speaking of creepy slimy things…I wonder if this guy’s name is Donald?

I’m sure you’re all running off to spend time with family and friends so if I don’t “see” you around over the next week... Happy Hanukkah, Christmas, Winter Solstice, Saturnalia, Kwanzaa, St. Stephens, Eid ul-Adha, Festivus, Boxing Day, New Years, etc… All the best for you and your families. Stay safe kiddies. And if anyone needs a designated driver, just call me – I work for peanuts. Or almonds. I’m not too fussy.


* (asterisk) said...

Happy Christmas to you, too, Karen.

The Trump thing is crazy, isn't it, but I'm sure he'll sue.

To be fair, The Trump said he'd get someone to steal her girlfriend, not that he'd do it himself. That would likely prove tricky, yes!

I couldn't play the squid vid cos I don't run Windows Media Player on my Mac. Bugger.

candyminx said...

Hi, I'm so excited that you posted about this...I was talking to * about this in his comments yesterday.

I let Donald Trump have a walk when he trashed tats a few months ago. I just thought, well he's a square. What does he know.

But this time, I will never watch his tv show again. I reject him. I was so disgusted by his very repulsive talking the other night.

I think you've really hit on something here. Rosie looks like lots of us. She is down to earth, funny, knows what and how to do the right thing and is bawdy funny and thoughtful all at once. Her weight is not so very different than most of us regular folks. I hope all women reject Trump because he has gone too far.

He really has gone bankrupt a couple of times...I understand these things happen for people. Rosies point was how can someone who is very rich, go bankrupt=wich means he didn't pay lots and lots of people who work for and under the voice of morality. His bankruptcies, which resolved him in his casisnos of responsibility(yet he is still rich) make him shifty. Not a wise business authority and not a moral authority for young women.

Plus, I followed all his affairs on his various wives and pregnacies and divorces.

How can a man who does not take care of his staff...who supports bathing suit competitions(asopposed to scholarship contests and pageants) cheats on all of his the moral compass of a twenty year old woman.

I think Rosie had a point.

I watched the View that morning and was laughing my ass off, she was hilarious.

Donald Trump is a sexist pig, a user of the little people and a cheat. And he's not funny.

Gardenia said...

Since Donno' is so rich, I would think that he would have a clue that the young things that he turns over, that cling on his arm, are there for one reason! Dollars. Lots of 'em. Duh. Shudder. Enough said on that one.

I too love the ocean, if I had another life, I would have studied oceanography, but alas, only one life to live. Hmm. Sounds like the soap opera. I hope you are where you can get near the water occassionaly. My soul just calmed so much being here, even though I haven't walked the beach yet, but just driving across a bay or two. We must be water people.

After my work fiasco I am kind of relating to Rosie! Real women arise and take over the world, I say!

If I don't blog again before Christmas, have a great holiday!

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