Sunday Update

Sunday, December 03, 2006
Well, the elections are over - "Steady" Eddie Stelmach is now the Premier of Alberta. This should be interesting. And Stephane Dion is the new federal Liberal leader. Not sure how he'll do in Quebec, based on the commentary from yesterday's coverage, or in the West.

Finished the first of the pirate mittens. Hmmm. Not impressed. The pattern is fine - easy to follow, looks good but the size is way off. According to the pattern, it says it should fit a women's small/medium hand. Apparently I have the hands of a giant. I could barely get it on my hand. Maybe they meant a CHILD's small/medium. That makes more sense. Wish I had known this before spending a good portion of my weekend making it. Now I have to start all over again...

The book list has been updated.

The Christmas tree was looking a bit bare so I added some sparkly blue stars to it. A good idea at first until I realized the next day that it now looks like an American flag. What was I thinking?

I want to travel.

Not much else happening.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

It was an interesting weekend on the political front.

We're supposed to get our tree next weekend, but I need to get 873,763 things done first.

Alun said...

I still prefer "Mr. Ed." as a title. Think of the fun the news programmes could have adding the musical sting after any announcement.

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